Fans Are Asking A Lot of Questions About Where Kelly Ripa Is Filming 'Live'

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Fans of Live With Kelly and Ryan routinely start their day off with co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

When the coronavirus pandemic prompted shutdowns and quarantining in March, the ABC stars reassured fans that the show would go on, even if it meant filming remotely. Since then, the pair has been doing just that, though it hasn't always been clear where Kelly was filming from.

In case you're curious about Kelly's whereabouts, here's what we found out:

Where is Kelly Ripa filming Live With Kelly and Ryan?

In late May, news broke that Kelly, her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their three children (Lola, Michael, and Joaquin) were quarantining in the Caribbean instead of New York City. The story goes that the family was enjoying vacation time when they were suddenly instructed to shelter in place. And that’s exactly what they did, though the talk show host chose not to disclose this information with viewers ... until a fellow ABC employee brought the story to light.

"We had planned a trip for our family,” Kelly said, according to People. "And we arrive and three days later, the entire world changed, really. I mean, everything shut down. The government shut down, our country shut down. I hate to use the word stuck, but we were. We decided to stay where we were."

Kelly went on to explain that she and Ryan decided to continue filming Live With Kelly and Ryan in the hopes that it would bring “some normalcy” to their lives during an unprecedented time. “I think it’s been a great benefit to have each other, to have our viewing audience,” she said.

So, is Kelly Ripa still in the Caribbean or back in NYC?

Now, it appears Kelly is back in New York. Over Father’s Day weekend, Hello! noticed that she posted footage of Mark wearing a mask while walking around the Big Apple. Though we can't be 100% certain, the social media post seems to be a sign that the couple has finally returned to their home after being away for three months.

Regardless of her location though, Kelly intends to enjoy her summer, which includes having a fun (and safe!) celebration for her mom’s birthday. When Ryan asked what the plan was, she said: “I don’t know, probably just going to hang out in the driveway. If I know mom, she doesn’t really want to talk about it or address it in any way, so it’s going to be a big driveway hang, maybe look at her through the glass.”

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During quarantine, Kelly and Mark have celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary and congratulated their son Michael on graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Most recently, the couple also shared sweet messages about their daughter, Lola, on her 19th birthday.

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