"Stranger Things" Fans Have An Interesting Theory About The School Counselor Ms. Kelly

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If you're just biding your time until the Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 release on July 1, you will definitely want to read up on this pretty convincing fan theory that's floating around the Internet.

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🚨 WARNING: You guessed it - this means spoilers ahead! 🚨

During the first seven episodes of season four, we're given some pivotal information regarding Eleven's connection to the Upside Down. As we explore El's past at Hawkin's Lab more deeply, we learn that she unwittingly assisted Dr. Brenner's first student, "Number One", in a plot to wipe out the facility and make an escape.

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When El attempts to stop him, she accidentally opens an otherworldly portal that banishes One into an alternate dimension. Imprisoned in the Upside Down, One becomes Vecna.

Volume Two is sure to provide more answers surrounding Vecna. Is he connected to the Mind Flayer? To demogorgans?

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When the Hawkins crew makes their journey through Water Gate, Nancy does remind us that everything in the Upside Down shares a "hive mind". My money is on Vecna having more control over the Upside Down than we realize...

...Which brings us to one very mind-flaying theory about Vecna's role in the world of Hawkins. Could this creepy, crawly villain also have allies in the Right-Side Up?

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Fans across the Internet say that Vecna might be working through Hawkins High counselor, Ms. Kelly.

a school counselor's office

TikTok user, Midwest Marvel Guy, points out that Ms. Kelly's necklace has a clock pendent in the shape of a key which seems like a pretty big coincidence:

Not only does Vecna have a thing for clocks, but we know that the grandfather clock in the Creel home has a keyhole which could, in theory, be compatible with Ms. Kelly's necklace!

woman wearing a clock on a key

On top of this, he also notes that a clock can be heard ticking in the background when Max visits Ms. Kelly at school and in her home.

Ms Kelly in Stranger Things

Let's also not forget that Ms. Kelly did meet with a number of Vecna's victims. Yes, this could be due to Vecna going after kids with trauma, but it also could be how she feeds him information about their lives...

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In the scene where Max goes to the counselor's office, Ms. Kelly blatantly asks about Max's sleeping troubles, one of the primary signs that Vecna is out to get you. A coincidence? Maybe...but consider me suspicious.

Twitter users have also been pointing out other tie-ins to the Upside Down, like the clock in her office:

And how ~strange~ it is that two of her students wound up dead but she didn't come forward about anything:

And that she could potentially be related to Vecna, or even have superpowers herself:

What do you think? Have we seen the last of Ms. Kelly? Do you think this theory could turn out to be true?