The Fan-Favorite Trader Joe’s Item That Shoppers Are Shocked to See Back In Stores

If you thought you needed to wait until spring to fill your home with beautifully fresh flowers, well, think again, because Trader Joe’s is full of surprises and out here making miracles happen. As we trudge further into the coldest months of the year, you can’t blame anyone for wanting some sort of semblance of spring in their home. And as we count down the days while bundling ourselves up, nothing beats a fresh reminder that warmer weather is certainly ahead.

After a recent visit to their local TJ’s, the creator behind the popular Instagram account, Trader Joe’s Obsessed, discovered the return of Winter Peonies and quickly took to social media to spread the word.

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Peonies are a highly sought-after flower that's native to Asia, Europe and Western North America. There are believed to be anywhere from 25 to 40 different species within the Paeonia genus, with the current consensus identifying 33 known species. “Winter Peonies” are a unique variety that's referred to as Kan-botan, or Fuyu-botan in Japan. This specific type of peony grows in the ice and freezing cold winter, as opposed to the more common spring flowering season.

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According to Trader Joe’s Obsessed, Trader Joe’s Winter Peonies have started to pop up in certain store locations. Customers can pick up five stems for $12.99, which is about $4 more than some customers have reported seeing in previous years, but not quite as expensive as others have seen in the past in places like Hawaii.

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“The inflation is crazy,” one shocked commenter said. “It was $8.99, then $9.99 and now $12.99?” And although plenty of commenters piled with their distaste for the rising prices, others were just happy to see the fan-favorite flowers back in stock so early.

So far, customers have reported seeing TJ’s Winter Peonies at stores in San Antonio, Los Angeles, Virginia and Maryland, so keep your eyes peeled during the next visit to your local store. And if you’re curious as to how to choose a good bloom, one commenter suggested to “feel them and pick the ones that feel like a marshmallow.” Otherwise, you may run the risk of the flowers barely opening once you get them home.

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