The Fan-Favorite Snack Customers Wait All Year for Is Back at Sam’s Club

And there are two new varieties this time, too.


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We know it’s only early September, but if you’ve been to any retail store recently, you’d probably think it was already the holiday season. It seems we’ve skipped right through pumpkins and Halloween and straight to Santa and eggnog. Don’t get us wrong, we love the December holidays, but let’s give the spooky season a chance. And, more importantly, let’s not overlook the Halloween deals. So, Sam’s Club customers, dig out your membership cards and run to your club store because the fan-loved Halloween candy deal is back.

In 2021, Sam’s Club went viral for selling a giant 12-pound bucket filled with Snack Size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for Halloween. The bucket, which held 375 individually wrapped Reese’s, had customers running to the club store and stocking up on two or three buckets at a time.

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Sam's Club

In 2022, the buckets made their return in July—and this year, they’re back again. They were first spotted at Sam’s Club stores in late July when TikTok users began posting about them—which is also around the time Sam's other viral Reese's product arrived. That means we’re already late to grab one, and it’s not even spooky season yet.

Whether you’re prepping for your trick-or-treaters, making a tasty Reese’s recipe, or simply just want to treat yourself, you have 375 pieces of candy to work with. And, the best part—besides the chocolate and peanut butter treat, of course? The bucket is only $57.98—making each Reese’s only about $.15, which is a deal you probably won’t find anywhere else.

New Snickers and M&M's Buckets at Sam's Club

Since the Reese’s bucket is so beloved, this year, it brought along two new friends to make your Halloween extra sweet. In addition to the Reese’s bucket, you’ll also see a Snickers bucket and an M&M’s bucket on Sam’s shelves.

The 12-pound Snickers bucket includes 350 Fun Size Snickers for $59.98—making the candy about $.17 a piece. The 9-pound M&M’s bucket includes 300 packs of Milk Chocolate and Peanut M&M’s for $59.98—making the bags about $.20 a piece.

That means if you bought all three buckets, you’d have more than 1,000 pieces of candy for Halloween, all for less than $200. The tricky part here, however, is that the candy has to actually make it to Halloween night.

Hopefully, Sam’s Club is prepared for us to eat our way through the first bucket and need to restock before trick-or-treating—but we’d probably buy a backup just in case. And if you happen to have any extra Reese’s, that’s what the freezers are for, right?

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