Fan Can't Believe He Ran Into Solange Knowles on Detroit Party Bike

A super-fan of Solange Knowles had a surprise run-in with the Grammy-winning singer on August 26, after a typical delivery shift turned into a “dream come true.”

Gully G Que shared this video of his encounter with Knowles on August 26, calling it “epic and amazing.”

Que told local media that he was delivering food when he heard Rihanna’s song “Watch and Learn” playing from a passing Pedal Pub party bike and began singing along. He heard someone encouraging him to continue singing, then realized it was Solange Knowles cheering him on.

“For me, especially as an independent artist, meeting Solange and being received so well taught me to always remain true to being the authentic me,” Que told the Detroit Metro Times. “Never doubt who you might brush shoulders with or meet even while DoorDashing in your city on a beautiful summer night.” Credit: Gully G. Que via Storyful