The Famous (& Nearly Impossible) Clear Jigsaw Puzzle is Back in Stock on Amazon...for Now (PureWow)

You’ve officially puzzle swapped with all of your friends, gone through every jigsaw you have in the house (including the ones for your kids) and now you’re left asking yourself, “What in the world am I supposed to do now?” Well, Amazon has a solution, but we don’t think it will last for long. 

Currently in stock, is the Practically Impossible Clear Jigsaw Puzzle (yes, that’s actually the name of it), a puzzle that includes 150 pieces that are all exactly the same color—clear. And according to the description, it’s exactly what we need right now. “Make sure to have some time available for this one. At the outset, our clear puzzles will seem almost impossible to solve. But they do have a solution, so this makes a great investment or gift for puzzle lovers that are up for a challenge.”

Up for it? Better hurry, this baby (as well as most puzzles right now) are selling out super-fast. Not to mention, it retails for only $27—something that rarely happens these days considering the high demand. 

Since the start of social distancing, we’ve noticed more and more of jigsaws popping up on our social media feed. They’re mentally stimulating (there’s only so much binge-watching we can do), time-consuming and good for individuals or families.

There’s nothing quite like a brand-new (in this case) 150-piecer to keep you occupied through the weekend.

$27 on Amazon

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