Family makes 'chilling' discovery of 'perfectly cut hole' in baby's nursery window

This appears to be no Halloween hoax. A family in Imperial Beach, Calif., is horrified after finding what they describe as a “perfectly cut hole” that’s 5 inches in diameter in their 1-year-old’s bedroom window.

“This isn’t something really random. This is something calculated,” said the boy’s father, Vanya, to KSWB-TV in San Diego. He said his daughter was looking around the house after feeling a draft when she saw the circular cutout in the window. The boy was not in the nursery at the time she discovered the hole.

The family called the authorities, and when they reported the incident, Vanya’s wife remembered something crucial: Earlier in the week, she’d heard a popping sound come from the nursery and assumed her son had woken up and knocked something over. She had gone upstairs to check on him, noticed nothing out of the ordinary, and assumed the sound came from neighbors house, according to another San Diego station, KGTV.

Now they know something was very out of the ordinary.

While examining the carefully cut hole, Vanya realized the lock to the window was broken and so were some roof tiles. He told KGTV he believes someone premeditated the vandalism, using a ladder to climb 10 feet onto the roof and access the window — then used a glass cutter to carefully bore the hole. Perhaps they thought this would be quieter than breaking the glass and did not anticipate how loud the pop would be.

Vanya told KGTV he feels “a deep sense of violation” and “a bit of rage,” but he’s grateful that the intruder didn’t make it into his son’s room. He suspects his wife may have scared off the person when she raced into the room to check on the child.

“It’s a far more calculated attempt, and it really scares me. But intuitively, I think we know that they’ve done it before and that they’ll definitely do it again,” he said. “What happens when they encounter your loved one? What would they do? Would they flee off or would they use violence against them?”

Even more terrifying, Vanya suspects that nearby construction workers may have had a run-in with the would-be kidnapper earlier this week when someone was allegedly pretending to own Vanya’s home. He believes the impostor — who was identified as a white male in his 40s or 50s, balding, and wearing an orange shirt — was casing the house and returned later to break into the toddler’s room.

Police are still investigating the eerie crime.

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