Family gives restaurant 1-star review after receiving $50 worth of free food: ‘Ban these people’

A worker feels like a customer was too difficult when they demanded free food.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Choosing Beggars” forum, a subreddit dedicated to “people who are being way too picky when begging for things.”

According to the poster, he works at a locally owned Mexican restaurant. “The owners are two of the most kind, compassionate & selfless people I’ve ever met,” he explained. “The reader board outside of the restaurant reads as follows: ‘Hungry? No money? We will feed you.’ And they mean it. If you are hungry and have no money, you can eat for free.”

However, they have a few requirements. The restaurant only offers a limited menu of free food, and patrons cannot dine in with the free meal; they must take it to go.

An issue arose when a family of four came into the restaurant and tried to order a free meal.

The family wanted shrimp fajitas, which aren’t offered on the free menu. The father demanded the worker ask the manager for an exception. The manager denied their request, which angered the father. “You guys need to expand the options on this menu,” he reportedly said to the employee.

Despite not getting the food they wanted, the family placed a free order anyway — then proceeded to demand a table. The worker tried to explain how they would have to take the free meal to go. The father insisted they wanted a table — then brought his family to a booth, where the four sat down.

Only when the worker told them they would be charged if they dined in did the family get up and leave. The family told the worker “thanks for nothing” after receiving the free food, then went home and left the restaurant a one-star review.

People felt the family was being rude and ungrateful.

“I hope you can ban these people from coming back,” a user wrote.

“That’s how you get good people that give away free food to stop giving away free food,” another said.

“This guy is the reason so many good hearted people stop doing nice things for other people,” someone added.

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