Family gets ‘300-year-old’ surprise when they start renovating their home: 'This seems like the beginning of a horror movie'

One family was shocked when they started a home renovation project only to discover a 300-year-old well under their kitchen floor.

TikTok account @mortylad is run by a married couple who got a major surprise recently when they discovered a 300-year-old well under their kitchen floor. The couple was embarking on a kitchen renovation project and unexpectedly hit water while working on their floors. After doing some excavation, the couple discovered the old well, which they ultimately decided to make a feature of their kitchen instead of covering it back up.

The TikToker explains that she and her husband decided to pull up their kitchen floors to install underfloor heating. With the floors removed, they noticed a strange gravelly mixture in one area that kept filling with water. They started digging and found the brick walls of the well.

Instead of demolishing the well or covering it back up, the couple decided to incorporate it into their new kitchen.

“This meant building the well up with plain brick and mortar,” the TikToker explains. “This would bring it up to floor level.”

The couple cleaned out the well, using buckets to remove extra sediment and gravel. Eventually, the well became too deep to reach into, and the couple began using ladders and a pulley system to remove the buckets.

Then the real fun began! The well began bubbling unexpectedly, causing the couple to halt their well renovation while they tried to figure out whether the bubbles were toxic gas. After some testing, they discovered the bubbles were harmless and kept on digging.

“Digging was messy work, but we enjoyed every minute of it,” the TikToker recalls.

Eventually, after removing many buckets of sediment and repeatedly draining the well, the couple hit the bottom 17 feet down. In a follow-up video, the couple showed that they added some flair to the well by adding a glass cover.

TikTokers shared their varied opinions on the well

TikTokers were shocked by the couple’s home renovation discovery.

“Turn it into a natural pond with blind cave fish,” one TikToker suggested.

“You did really well,” one punny viewer wrote.

Other viewers were reminded of the iconic well in the horror movie The Ring and warned the couple to stay away.

“This is The Ring just waiting to happen,” one viewer wrote.

“This seems like the beginning of a horror movie,” joked another TikToker.

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