Families of Breonna Taylor and Robert Fuller seek answers about what happened to their loved ones

The families of Breonna Taylor, who was shot to death in her bedroom by police in Louisville, Ky., and Robert Fuller, who was found hanged in Palmdale, Calif., say they have been thwarted by authorities as they seek information about the circumstances of their loved ones' deaths.

Video Transcript


TAMIKA PALMER: I could hear Kenny just, like, screaming and crying. And I could hear all this noise, but I'm not knowing what this noise was. Like, I didn't-- and I'm like, what is going on, Kenny? And he said, I think Breonna is-- he said, somebody was trying to break in here, and I think they shot Breonna.

We stood out there about two hours even before the detective came over. So when he comes over, again, we-- introductions. Why, it was probably about 11:00 AM when he comes back over and tells us it'll be a little bit longer and they'll be wrapping up and that we'll be able to get into the house.

And I say, well, why won't you tell me where Breonna is? I need to see Breonna. And he says, well, she's still in the apartment.


DIAMOND ALEXANDER: It's really crazy to all of us, and we really are here to support Robert. And we really want to find out the truth of what really happened. Robert was a good little brother to us, and it's like everything that they've been telling us has not been right.

We've been hearing one thing, then we hear another. And we just want to know the truth. We've been sitting here staring at this tree. It don't make no sense. My brother is tall. My brother was not suicidal.

- Come on. There it is.


- He wouldn't commit suicide.


DIAMOND ALEXANDER: My brother was just with me not too long ago. And my brother was a survivor. He was out here in this-- he loved Antelope Valley, and he was out here all the time doing what he did best. He was a survivor. He knew how to get around.

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