Fall 2022’s Top Hair Trends

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It’s fall and we’re manifesting good hair days. Whether you’re looking to switch up your color, or you need some fresh haircut inspo, we asked top hairstylists from New York to L.A. to predict what will trend during this upcoming fall-winter transition — so you have something to bring to your next salon appointment.

Of course, your natural hair is gorgeous and doesn’t need touched. But, should you want to try a new wig, we’ve some recs. We also have a shade of glossy noir brown that might inspire you to take your color a bit darker for the new season. Nothing is new — hair trends are cyclical, like fashion comebacks — just think of this as the hairstyle, cut, or color to pair with your new (vintage) chunky loafers.

Delicate highlights

Fall is the best time for a color change, according to colorist Krystel Cuadra. “After months in the sun, many people will be looking to change their overly-lightened and oxidized hair,” she says. “Just a few carefully placed highlights — think: Hailey Bieber’s gorgeous au naturel look — helps grow into a dark base gradually.”


Statement high pony

You don’t have to book a hair appointment to try a different style for fall. Our R29 style editors are loving the trend evolution from the classic bun to a high and tight statement ponytail. “Wearing a snatched high ponytail is perfect for fall, especially when wearing sweaters — showing off your cheekbones and getting hair off your shoulders is perfect during sweater weather,” says celebrity hairstylist Becca Mader.

The styling will look different depending on your hair type. R29 social editor Breanna Davis braided her hair, sealed the ends with hot water. Then, she separated the front braids and pulled them to the side, secured the rest of her hair in a loose ponytail, and then tied both sections together to get that high and tight finish.


The refresh chop

One thing most stylists agree on: fall is the ideal time to book a haircut, specifically a big chop. “A lot of clients have been loving their long hair all summer and I think everyone is ready for a change,” says Alessandra Bruno, hairstylist. “I think we’ll see more shoulder-grazing haircuts with interior layers for movement or mid-length cuts. Summer can be tough on your hair, so fall is the perfect time for doing a big chop and getting your hair back in good condition.”


Sleek bun

If you favor a bun over a ponytail, the high and tight style will continue to trend from summer into fall. “I’m obsessed with a sleek bun during all seasons, but can’t wait to pair this look with a high-neck sweater or scarf this fall,” says hairstylist Graham Nation.

To get the style, apply styling cream, Nation recommends Unite’s Smooth & Shine Cream, from roots to ends on towel dried or dry hair before tying your hair up in a bun. “I also recommend using the Conundrum Paste around the hairline, or anywhere there may be flyaways to create the sleekest look possible,” he adds. “Apply the paste with a small toothbrush or boar-bristle brush.”


Melted root

If you’re easily bored with your hair, a new wig might be scratch the itch. Brittany Johnson, hairstylist and content manager at Mayvenn says that this style — a loose-wave bundle with darker roots and pre-lightened, dark-blonde lengths and ends — is a “chic” and “easygoing” option that’s super popular right now.


’90s blowout

There’s a lively discourse on hair parting — side versus middle. Really, you can do whatever you want. However, stylist Mia Santiago points us towards a classic ’90s-style blowout that favors the side part and long layers. “This blowout style is all about volume, movement, and layers,” she explains. “To achieve this look you want to make the hair as bouncy as possible.”

The styling advice: Start with a volumizing spray on damp roots (Unite’s Boosta Volumizing Spray is Santiago’s recommendation), then use a blowdryer and a round brush to give your blowout extra body. Or, try the volumizing iron going viral on TikTok. When your hair is fully dry, apply a texture spray from roots to ends, giving extra oomph and hold.


Wispy curtain bangs

According to Chicago-based stylist Alex Brown, curtain bangs are a perennial fall favorite that will see a rise come October. “If you’re looking for a change from your summer style and want to transition into fall feeling brand new, wispy curtain bangs are the best way to do so without compromising length,” says Brown. “They’re great for any hair type, and look best effortlessly pushed to either side of the face.”

Bangs, even the longer curtain kind, can be tricky to style. But Brown recommends applying a mousse to damp hair before styling. Whether you opt for a blowout or an air dry, Brown recommends finishing with a texture spray for the “lived-in” finish.


Noir brown

The biggest hair color trend, according to Angela Hazelton, colorist at The Marie Robinson Salon, is a one, single color. “One color, no dimension, deep, on the cusp of being black,” says Hazelton. Her tone of choice, she calls ‘noir’ brown: “I’m very into a deep dramatic brunette color for fall as this color showcases how sultry brown hair can be.” If you’re looking to get the tone at home, dpHue makes a cool-brown semi-permanent gloss that colorist Justin Anderson created for maintaining that healthy, glossy brown, without a salon appointment.

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