The Falcons dominate the Vikings

The Atlanta Falcons dominated both sides of the ball against the Minnesota Vikings, with the defense forcing three Kirk Cousin interceptions in the first half and Julio Jones having a big game in his return from injury.

Video Transcript

- See Alexander Mattison, in the backfield, getting his first NFL start. But they're going to the air, off the play fake, and it's intercepted right off the bat by Deion Jones. And Jones takes it out to the 30 yard line.

- Matt Ryan, with a clean pocket, is going for the end zone, and it's caught. Welcome back from the injury, Julio Jones.

- Empty set, on third and 9. And that ball is intercepted at the 40 yard line.

- Looks like a completely different defense. That ball hit and intercepted. And Kirk Cousins has thrown three picks in the first half. This time it's Oluokun.

- Little bit of a high snap. Ryan, is he going to run? No, he's gonna try to dump it over the top, and he's got Julio Jones. And Julio Jones, all the way in for the Atlanta touchdown.