The Fake Lip Piercing Makeup Trend Taking Over Instagram

By Devon Abelman. Photos: Courtesy of YouTube, Instagram.

One of the most unexpected trends that Kim Kardashian has started this year? Lip piercings. Sure, Cara Delevingne tried the look out back in 2015, but she usually dares to go there. Kardashian has repeatedly tried out the fake piercing over the past couple months, and let's be real — the last person we'd ever expect to try something so, well, edgy. However, she pulls off a temporary ring around her lower lip with impressive aplomb. And now, makeup artists are trying out the piercing trend in their own way. Instead of making use of a fake piercing like Kardashian, they've been creating a pretty convincing ring with liquid lipstick.

We noticed the fake lip piercing makeup trend was blowing up Instagram after scrolling past Idaho-based makeup artist Daisy Weigt's swatches of Kat Von D's newest bold Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Better known as @dwglamgeek to her 28,400 followers, Weight swiped the bright blue, fuchsia, and purplish gray all over her lips except for a small sliver down the center of her lips. Weigt wrote in the caption of one of the posts that, she "wanted to try something a little different." She made no reference to it, but the negative space look definitely resembles Kardashian's new fake piercing. Right?

And she's not the only one who is in on that fake lip piercing makeup grind. Some makeup artists on Instagram have taken the look more literally by painting a metallic stripe vertically along their lips. From far away, the liquid lipstick could be mistaken for the real thing. If you ask us, this look is destined to be on everyone's mouths at Coachella later this week. Or you can use it as an excuse to try out the new piercing trend — sans painful needles. To find out how to try the trend at home, you can follow these simple steps.

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