Fake Karen Tears Cause a Scene Once Again

Screenshot:  Imposter_Edits (Twitter)
Screenshot: Imposter_Edits (Twitter)

Welcome back to another rundown of a cringey, embarrassing Karen tantrum. In a video circulating social media, a white woman is seen trying to steal a Black teen’s Citi Bike after he registered the bike to himself, per REVOLT. Her sudden cry for help drew an eerie comparison to a decades-old tactic by white women that endangered the lives of innocent Black men.

The video begins with the woman screaming, “Help! Help! Please help me!” while squeezing on the handlebars of a Citi Bike. Despite her signals of distress, her facial expression was blank. One Black teen stood next to her while also holding the bike, explaining that he already paid for the it. The few other Black teens around the two were heard off camera insisting the same notion and accusing her of purposely trying to make a scene. However, the woman went to her next tactic which was fake crying and scrunching her face up to force a tear to fall.

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“You’re hurting my fetus,” she said to the teen.

It was only until another white man arrived (who also appeared to be calling he police) and suggested she take another bike that she hit the off switch on her meltdown and all of a sudden, nothing was wrong.

Watch the whole thing on Twitter:

She succeeded in making a scene but... while wearing her hospital uniform. The internet wasted no time calling up NYC’s Bellevue Hospital to complain about their employee. In response, they released a statement:

As for the internet, people are still reeling over white women weaponizing their tears because they didn’t get their way. It’s particularly foul when a Black boy is on the receiving end of the nonsense because they know a responding officer is more likely to show the white woman care and concern.

“She’s a d-list actress & thief at best. She could have gotten these black men seriously hurt or killed,” wrote one Twitter user.

“This right here is one of the many dangerous situations our children face on a daily bases. I’m glad this didn’t go any further wrong than what it already did. I’m even more proud to see these young Kings keep their calm and not escalate it any further,” said another user.

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