Fake ‘Beyoncé’ asks TikToker to send ‘$120 for gas’ in hilarious text exchange

Receiving a message from a scammer isn’t atypical — unless they claim to be Beyoncé.

Sophie Puchulu (@sophiesquishie) took to TikTok to share screenshots of her hilarious rollercoaster of an interaction with a scammer who claimed they were none other than history-making Grammy winner Beyoncé.

“Guys, Beyoncé texted me,” she began. Sophie speaks to the camera while screenshots of her conversation with ‘Beyoncé’ are seen behind her. “Hey, this is Beyoncé, and I’m in your city. Can you send me $120 for gas?”

Sophie responds, “BEYONCE!!! How did you get my phone number??”

The scammer replies, “Yes I am Beyoncé. I am Beyoncé I have all the numbers.”

Fake Beyoncé then proceeds to send Sophie her own home address to confirm this is where she should perform. A surprised Sophie then asks the alleged multi-hyphenate star if she’ll be performing at her house, and the scammer asserts they can only do that if they have the requested gas amount.

Sophie, still skeptical that this is, in fact, Queen Bey, states that she’ll send over the money if Beyoncé sends her a selfie. Instead of a selfie, however, the scammer sends over a professionally taken photo of Beyoncé during her acceptance speech for Best R&B Performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

As the text exchange continues, the scammer reveals they are located in “England” — which they claim is in the “North eastern state of United States and Canada” — before requesting her debit card information. Sophie, however, claims she’s 13 years old and doesn’t have one yet.

Likely recognizing that Sophie wasn’t giving in to their efforts, the scammer took on a brand new identity: Brad Pitt.

When Sophie asks how that happened, the scammer replies, “Beyoncé has died goodbye.”

After the video garnered 4.7 million views, more than 662,000 likes, and over 9000 comments, it appears many TikTok users were invested in Sophie’s cringeworthy yet incredibly hilarious text conversation.


“R.I.P. Beyonce, may she rest peacefully somewhere between London, England and the US 😔😔,” wrote @b1ppa_.

Con artists have grown fond of posing as famous celebrities in hopes of swindling money from their adoring and unsuspecting fans. In fact, according to AARP.org, it’s especially common for scammers to pose as country music stars like Toby Keith, George Strait and Travis Tritt, along with many more.

Similarly, Los Angeles native Pamela Landers, thought the real Keanu Reeves was texting her romantic declarations — until he asked her to send $400,000 to help him finance a film.

While we’d all hope celebrities like Beyoncé would acquire our contact information and spontaneously strike up a conversation, the unfortunate truth is that it’s most likely a fraudster.

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