A fairytale cottage smack in the middle of LA was designed by Disney animators in the 1930s. It is now on the market for $2.19 million — take a look inside.

The exterior of the storybook house.
The exterior of the storybook house.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media
  • A fairytale cottage designed by Disney animators in the 1930s is on the market for $2.195 million.

  • The five-bedroom Los Angeles home is located in the Hollywood Hills.

  • Even the neighbors affectionately refer to the whimsical house as "The Witches' Cottage".

A whimsical cottage in LA looks straight out of a fairytale and is for sale for $2.195 million.

The exterior of the storybook house.
The exterior of the storybook house.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

Situated near the Sunset Strip, the property at 8888 Appian Way in the Hollywood Hills includes a main residence and a detached one-bedroom guest suite, per the listing.

And it's not a coincidence that the house looks like it belongs in a Disney film — the gable-roof home was originally designed by Disney animators in the 1930s, Christopher Pickett, the listing agent from Douglas Elliman, told Insider.

"You step into this home and you think you might see Hansel and Gretel somewhere, coming out of a closet or hiding from the evil witch," Pickett said.

Even the neighbors affectionately refer to the house as "The Witches' Cottage", he added.

This is the first time in 40 years that the house is on the market.

The dining room and living area.
The dining room and living area.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

The owner, who declined to be named, bought the house in 1983 for $385,003, per county property records. He first put the house on the market in January for $2.195 million, per listing records. As of February 6, the house is under contract.

Houses in the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood have a median listing home price of $3.3 million and tend to sell after 81 days, per data from real-estate platform Realtor.com.

There are currently 143 single-family homes for sale in the area, with prices ranging from $750,000 to $39.9 million. The $2.195 million storybook home is on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The cottage was originally constructed in 1934 and expanded in the 1970s by its then-owner.

The kitchen.
The kitchen.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

In the 1970s, a European set designer and art director by the name of Ernst van de Bovenkamp bought the house and renovated it, Pickett said.

"When you're in the home, you'll see these massive posts and beams of timber and this beautiful ironwork that connects them," Pickett said. "According to my client who purchased this home from Ernst in the 1980s, Ernst told my client that he had imported those from Scandinavia and spent about eight years building the estate by hand with several of his artisans."

The owner of the house is looking to sell the property now as he wants to make a lifestyle change, Pickett said.

One of the bedrooms in the house.
One of the bedrooms in the house.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

Despite living here since the 1980s, the owner — a writer — has leased out the guest apartment to friends and other acquaintances over the years, Pickett said.

There are windows in almost every room in the house — including the bathroom — and they offer unblocked views of the surrounding cityscape and the ocean.

The bathroom.
The bathroom.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

Indeed, one of the best parts of the property is its location, Pickett said.

"We're literally at the top of the mountain in the Hollywood Hills. You realize just how high up you are when you see news helicopters or police helicopters that are lower than you," he added. "You really feel like you're at the top of the world up here."

Due to its proximity to production houses such as Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures, Appian Way — the street on which the house sits — has a lot of Hollywood history, he said.

The area was filled with silent film stars back in the 1920s and 1930s, and remains popular among celebrities and others who work in the industry today, Pickett said.

Some notable former residents of Appian Way include actress Ginger Rogers, The Doors' drummer John Densmore, and musician Joni Mitchell.

The fairytale-like design of the cottage stands out from its contemporary neighbors in the Hollywood Hills.

A cozy nook.
A cozy nook.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

"The Sunset Strip is really sexy and glitzy and has lots of bling. But this storybook cottage is the complete opposite," Pickett said.

Most other houses in the area are flashy and modern, with a few traditional Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired bungalows, he added.

An ideal buyer would be someone who will preserve and care for the original architecture of the cottage, Pickett said.

The exterior of the storybook house.
The back of the house.Jonathan Goldman Blue/Gold Media

"The ideal buyer is not somebody who's going to come in, scrap the house, and build a modern box. This is not the site to do that," Pickett said.

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