Failed game-winning two-point conversion dooms Washington vs. the Giants

The Washington Football Team falls to the New York Giants, 20-19, after going for two points with 36 seconds left in the game.

Video Transcript

- Play clock winding down. We'll get the snap off. Allen launches, end zone, [? oh man! ?] It's caught! Cam Sims, his first career touchdown.

- It's a one point game. And do we see another appearance from River Boat Run with 36 seconds remaining leaving the offense out there. Here's your game.

- Allen looking, stopping, pumping, throwing, incomplete. The pressure got to Allen. The Giants keep the lead.

- Boy, the coverage on this was just exceptional. Man to man on the outside. The Giants are just-- This it glue. This one-- They call it cat coverage. I got my cat. You got your cat.

- You got your cat. Yep.

- Make sure you stay on him. Nothing, nothing there for Kyle Allen.