All the Facts and Spoilers About Sandra Mason From 'The Golden Bachelor'

the golden bachelor contestants
All the Spoilers on Sandra From 'Golden Bachelor'Ricky Middlesworth - ABC
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In case you someone didn't get the memo—in which case, I implore you to pls check in with your internet-slash-telephone-slash cable (help) provider—, Gerry Turner is out here high-key crushing it as our debut Golden Bachelor and getting to meet (and play pickleball with) a buncha contestants as he tries to get another chance at love. One of those contestants? Sandra Mason, a 75-year-old retired executive assistant from Doraville, Georgia, who has swiftly become one of the most talked-about contestants on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor.

the golden bachelor contestants
Ricky Middlesworth - ABC

Enter: us, who have brought you the gift of tons of facts and spoilers about her. TL;DR: Everything, from Sandra's unique entrance, which involved a deep breathing and swearing zen practice (a commendable vision) to her decision to miss her daughter's wedding to realize her reality TV show dreams has truly set the internet a-b-l-a-z-e and calls for a full-on deep dive into everything there is to know about her. Let's get into it, shall we?

First Things First...*Definitely* Go Ahead and Follow Her on Instagram

As expected, Sandra's content is truly laugh out loud levels of funny. Case in point? This iconic Insta crop series:

And her tasteful use of alliterations:

Not to mention, this *chef's kiss* showcase of her dedication to football (BRB, manifesting a Sandra/Taylor collab immediately):

She Has Two Daughters

Yep, the 75-year-old Georga native is the mother to Evany Fleming and Taylor Mason. And though we couldn't get much intel on Sandra's eldest since she seems to keep a pretty low-key profile (most of her social media accounts aren't publicly available), we were able to dig up a bit more on Taylor, who is a Los Angeles-based TV and film editor.

As in, she's won two (!!) Emmy Awards for her work on A Black Lady Sketch Show and has worked on tons of highly-acclaimed projects, including Pose, Blade Runner 2049, Dune, DC League of Super-Pets, Everything's Trash, and Dahmer, among many others. I-con-ic!

But speaking of Sandra's daughters...

She Missed One of Their Weddings to Be On The Golden Bachelor

In a move that resulted in Sandra becoming a pretty major focal point of the Bachelor spinoff, the retired personal assistant decided to skip out on her eldest daughter's wedding—and the whole thing was totally caught by the show's cameras.

During the program's October 19 episode, an intimate, one-on-one convo between Sandra and Gerry following a pickleball game aired in which the Georgia native dropped the bombshell that she had chosen to be on The Golden Bachelor instead of attending Evany Fleming's nuptials. She wound up confessing that it was “something my daughter and I discussed early on.” “She said, ‘Mom, I’ve got my guy. I want you to go get yours,’” the contestant recalled.

“I feel very flattered, but that’s a big event,” Gerry responded before the two then FaceTimed Sandra’s daughter on her big day. “I think you’re the best,” Sandra told the show's lead just as they were about to speak with her eldest. The two then briefly struggled to set up the call, and Sandra joked that they were “too old for this” before they finally succeeded and congratulated the newlyweds.

“That was so sweet of him,” Sandra gushed, referring to Gerry, during a later confessional. “He’s always full of these sweet surprises and he’s so thoughtful. This man is something different.”

However, a firestorm of reactions that were both critical and supportive soon erupted on social media, with some claiming that the 75-year-old's decision was inappropriate while others quickly came to her defense.

Even the Producers Know Sandra’s ~Vibe~ Is Elite

Instagram tribute for proof:

Here Are Sandra's Requirements for a Partner:

Per ABC's bio writer (who we're always, always keeping in our thoughts and prayers), the contestant's “dream man is handsome, sensitive and intelligent” and someone who is “ready to travel the world with her.” Also on that list is someone who is “ready to be loved on” since Sandra “isn't afraid of showing some PDA when she likes someone.” No-ted!

Her Hobbies Are Truly Iconic

Like, not only does Sandra enjoy “hanging out with her daughters, thrift shopping, crafting, and playing racquetball,” but she *also* “has 32 favorite NFL teams, AKA she loves all of them.” Oh, and she's not-so-casually a reality television pro, since she's a former Wheel of Fortune winner!

And, yes, that major feat prompted the following on her Golden Bachelor bio, which I am now making you read with me: “She is hoping to hit the jackpot again, but this time in love. Gerry, get ready to solve the puzzle and win over Sandra's heart!”


Wondering how far Sandra makes it on Gerry's season? Per a handy-dandy Reality Steve update from August 30, the Bach sleuth claimed that, sadly, she doesn't make it to Gerry’s Top 3 contestants.

More specifically, the revelatory post claims that Faith Martin, Leslie Fhima, and Theresa Nist are the last three contestants who remain at the end of the season and who received hometown dates. (Btw, Faith's filmed on August 19, while Leslie and Theresa's filmed on August 21 and August 23, respectively.) However, it is Leslie and Theresa who end up being the retired lead's final two women.

That said (!!), as always, Reality Steve rumors are only pretty much just that until proven otherwise. So the only way to know for sure how far Sandra makes it is by tuning in to new Golden Bachelor episodes every Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC or the following day on Hulu. And, yes, we've already created a gorgeous, gorgeous episode guide so that you can become a release schedule pro—yw!

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