All the Facts and Spoilers About Faith Martin From ‘The Golden Bachelor’

the golden bachelor
All the Spoilers on Faith From ‘Golden Bachelor’Ricky Middlesworth - ABC
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Please raise a hand if your entire week now revolves around The Golden Bachelor airing on Thursday nights. You are not alone, friends. And don’t worry—I, too, am alarmed at my own behavior.

Nevertheless, last night Bachelor Nation tuned into ABC to watch a random (silver) foxy stranger named Gerry Turner fall in love with a dozen-ish hot seniors, all of whom have still got it. (“It” being the ability to get publicly horny for a man on television.)

And one person who definitely caught Gerry’s eye? Faith Martin, who arrived on a motorcycle, declared she was proof that you can “live fast and not die young,” AND won the first impression rose.

Due to the fact that we’re deeply committed to Gerry finding love in his twilight years, we’ve put together some facts on Faith (her job, hometown, family, Instagram, all that fun stuff)—plus spoilers on how far she makes it. Just so we’re all on the same page, ya know?

the golden bachelor
Ricky Middlesworth - ABC

First Up: Faith’s Job and Hometown

Sixty-one-year-old Faith is a high school teacher (truly nothing but respect and apologies), from Benton City, Washington. Before you ask: I already checked how far that is from Forks, and unfortunately the answer is over 6 hours.

Anyway, ABC says Faith is “a woman of many talents, which she continues to do professionally—like radio hosting, teaching, and singing. Faith is a fun thrill-seeker and has checked many goals off her bucket list like diving with sharks, riding a motorcycle, and getting a tattoo.”

Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

All the Details on Faith’s Family

According to ABC, “Faith has two sons and four grandkids that she loves more than anything in this world.” She was previously married for over 20 years and got divorced in 2005.

Yes, Faith Has an Instagram

And she’s pretty active! Turns out, Faith is a singer:

Which is probably why she busted out a guitar and serenaded Gerry on night one. Honestly, this the only time someone has randomly performed music on this franchise and I haven’t been totally horrified.

Meanwhile, here she is on her horse named Liberty:

And on her tractor, whose name has yet to be revealed:

What Is Faith Looking for in a Date?

Thanks for asking—ABC says she’s “looking for someone with whom to enjoy the thrills of life” and is “hoping that Gerry is her perfect adventure partner!” On that note....

Spoilers Ahead

So how far does Faith make it?Allll the way to Gerry’s hometown Dates, at least according to Bachelor Nation spoiler source Reality Steve.

Unfortunately, if you end up being a huge fan of Faith, you’ll be sad to find out she doesn’t make it to Gerry’s final two and is eliminated during hometowns. The good news though? If ABC wants to pursue a season of The Golden Bachelorette, Faith is obviously going to be a front-runner based on her winning personality and love for adventure.

Also, a note to ABC: Please keep this series going. I can no longer accept living in a world without The Golden Bachelor and/or Bachelorette, thanks.

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