The Facial Jennifer Aniston Uses to Firm, Sculpt and Lift Her Skin

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Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities who becomes even more
beautiful as she ages. While this may seem like an impossible feat considering how stunning she’s
always been, alas, it’s the truth. 

Not only are her luscious locks full of
life, but her smooth glowing complexion is as youthful as ever. However, her smooth skin isn’t courtesy of Botox or filler injections like many other celebrities, but instead can be credited to her regular

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Although, it’s not just any old facial that Aniston gets, but rather a high intensity
version from celebrity favorite, Biologique Recherche.

Aniston’s facialist, Toska Husted, uses the Biologique Recherche
Remodeling Face Machine
on the star. "She's very results-driven,” Husted, told Popsugar. "She loves extractions; she likes high
intensity. Jennifer is the one client who can take it at the highest
setting." According to Husted, it's Aniston’s Greek skin that gives the actress such a high pain tolerance for intense treatments, adding that Aniston isn't one to shy away from the highest setting. "Every time she’ll be like, 'turn it up, turn it up,'' she explains.

The machine uses three different types of electric currents: galvanic,
low and medium frequencies and athermic pulsed high frequency current. The galvanic
current helps the skin absorb active ingredients, the medium and low frequencies
tone the skin and the pulsed high frequencies revitalize it.

Sounds intense, right? Well, you know what they say—pain is beauty!