Face Tattoos, #WorldCup Style

You can makeup your face for the next World Cup game, but if you really loved your country and your team, you would get a patriotic face tattoo.

Well, not really.

But you might want to put on a GameFace, a temporary “face transfer” that lets you apply color to your face without the mess that comes with paint. Inventor Doug Marshall from Tyler, Texas pitched his hypoallergenic, fabric-based product to the capitalists on ABC’s Shark Tank last year, and got a $1 million dollar joint investment from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and QVC queen Lori Grenier.

The faces come in a variety of colors (made from non-toxic vegetable dye) and themes—not just made with World Cup flags, but with pro and college baseball, basketball, and football team colors. Even Superhero masks.

Here’s how it works: You buy one for around $6-7. You stretch it over your face. You wear it. You peel it off. That’s it. Wow. Is it too easy? Maybe there is something about the craziness, hilarity, and lack of artistry of face paint application that adds to the entire experience. Still, you won’t know until you try one….