This Face Mist and Milk Oil Cleanser Are Exactly What My Post-Workout Skin Needs

Morgan Ashley Parker

Since it seems very clear I won't be returning to an in-studio gym class anytime soon, I've recently rented a Spin bike from a New York City cycling studio, and I'm bringing my fitness game straight to my living room. Now, not only does working out in the middle of the day require some cleansing considerations no matter where it takes place, I'm personally not going to take a bath in the morning to only hop on the bike a couple hours later.

After shifting my schedule all around, I have a brand-new beauty routine that I've been loving for these midday, hot-weather workouts. I've already replicated my favorite, chilled eucalyptus towels with some essential oil , but find out which two skin-care products I've been using every day post-ride - and why I love them for just that purpose - ahead.