You Can Get a Face Mask Chain, So It Stays Put Between Errands

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Etsy FireflyFeelingBright
Photo credit: Etsy FireflyFeelingBright

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If you told us a year ago that face masks would be the must-have accessory of the year (for healthcare reasons, of course), we wouldn’t have taken you seriously. But now that it has come part of our lives, we might as well embrace it by going all out with even more accessories, aka face mask chains. The trend isn’t just convenient for the moments you don’t need to wear your face mask, but they add a little pizzazz to your work-from-home outfit.

A face mask chain or lanyard attaches to the ear loops of the mask. The idea is that once you take your mask off and don’t have anywhere to put it (like when you get in your car) and want to take it off between errands, you can keep track of it. It’s basically like the strap you use for your glasses. Just don’t walk into the grocery store with it around your neck instead of on your face.

You can find a range of face mask chains in different styles and colors on Etsy, including FireflyFeelingBright and stylemaskny shops that already have best-selling options for just $7. Go ahead and get one to match all your favorite sweatshirts!

“I love these. So in fashion right now with the beads and the look for summer and will be a great help keeping the mask on or when you don’t have it on,” one FireflyFeelingBright buyer wrote. “This is a great idea. I never have to dig in my purse to find my mask,” wrote a stylemaskny buyer.

Again, we didn’t expect our favorite necklace-like accessory of the season to be a face mask chain, but if we’re going to do our part in keeping each other healthy, we might as well look good doing it.

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