Fabio Wibmer Teases OnlyFans Sponsorship In Instagram Story

Fabio Wibmer is perhaps the most recognizable name in mountain biking. He has 7.5 million YouTube subscribers as well as 2.5 million followers on instagram.

Today, however, he announced a new platform on which you can keep up with him. See his announcement teasing an OnlyFans account below.

Fabio Wibmer Teases OnlyFans Sponsorship<p>Fabio Wibmer</p>
Fabio Wibmer Teases OnlyFans Sponsorship

Fabio Wibmer

OnlyFans is a site on which people can pay for premium day-to-day content from creators. Given how eager the average internet user is for certain content, the content quickly became pornographic.

In a strategy to diversify, They have begun to sponsor extreme sports athletes. Earlier this year, they landed Lew Buchanan.

Unfortunately, Lew was barred from UCI competition for accepting a pornographic sponsorship.

What appears to have happened with Fabio is that his instagram story featured the words OnlyFans over a link to his Whatsapp Channel.

WIbmer's Whatsapp Channel<p>Fabio Wibmer</p>
WIbmer's Whatsapp Channel

Fabio Wibmer

This clever bait and switch caused quite the uproar in the mountain bike community. Even though Onlyfans is diversifying, they still have a certain reputation.

It is also possible that WhatsApp is creating a more respectable avenue for public figures to make premium short-form content to disrupt Onlyfans.

As OnlyFans attempts to become more "legitimate," It will be interesting to see what creators they attract. Perhaps the door is not closed on Fabio going to OF.

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