These Eyelash Curlers Will Keep Your Lashes Curled All Day

best eyelash curlers
best eyelash curlers

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Long, flirty eyelashes aren't a new trend. For decades, people have been curling their eyelashes to get the wispy look of their dreams. There are so many ways to curl lashes nowadays, from using a heated eyelash curler to getting a lash lift. However, the tried-and-true way to curl stubbornly straight lashes is by using an eyelash curler.

We've been using them for decades and love the straightforwardness of the tools. However, nowadays there are so many on the market with varying designs, so over time, curling our lashes has become a little confusing. To help us answer our questions, we tapped makeup artist and VaultBeauty member Nydia Figueroa, who walks us through the dos and don'ts of eyelash curling. Plus, find the best eyelash curlers below.

How to use an eyelash curler:

  1. First, Figueroa says to hold your eyelash curler up to your eye to find an ideal position for placement.

  2. Then, she says to open the curler and place your lashes in between the curler while getting as close to the lid as possible. This will allow you to curl most of your lashes.

  3. Next, press down at the base of your lash gently without pinching your lids.

  4. Figueroa then recommends opening and closing the lash curler two times while waiting a few seconds in between to get the maximum curl.

  5. Finally, she says to release the curler and apply mascara as desired. It's important to apply mascara after curling your lashes, instead of before, as this will keep the cushions clean and will prevent your lashes from sticking to them, which could lead to irritation and tugging.

Are eyelash curlers damaging to the natural lash?

Eyelash curlers will only damage your lashes if you use them incorrectly—otherwise, they're totally safe. "The best advice I can give is to treat your lashes with love and have a lot of patience when using an eyelash curler," says Figueroa. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

How often should you replace your eyelash curler?

More than replacing your curler, you should think about how often you should replace the pads. "If you use your eyelash curler every day, the silicone pad may have some wear and tear and should be replaced every three months," suggests Figueroa. "If you use your curler on occasion, I would recommend replacing it every six months."

What's the best way to make straight lashes hold a curl?

Many of us have taken to using heat on our lashes over the years, and while that definitely works, there's another way to get your curl to hold, too. "Use a waterproof mascara," says Figueroa. "This will assure that straight lashes won't drop throughout the day."

Now that you know all there is to know about eyelash curlers, here are the best ones on the market:

Best heated eyelash curler: Grande Cosmetics

hellogiggles - $35 Available at Sephora

As we said, applying heat to your lashes will help them maintain a flirty curl. Instead of using a hair dryer to heat the pads of your curler, opt for a heated eyelash curler. This tool is rechargeable, heats up to two different settings, and has a comb-like brush to help curl all your lashes. One HG writer loved it so much that she wrote a whole review about it on the site, highlighting how it helped her curl her pin-straight lashes all day long.

Best expert-recommended eyelash curler: Surratt

hellogiggles - $34 Available at REVOLVE

Despite most eyelash curlers looking alike, they're all designed very differently. Figueroa recommends this cult-classic eyelash curler for one particular reason: "The silicone pads are bouncy, which means you can use less pressure when curling your lashes." The less pressure you apply to your lashes, the fewer chances are you'll accidentally damage them.

Best budget eyelash curler: e.l.f.

hellogiggles - $3 Available at Ulta

If you're a makeup newbie, or simply am testing out eyelash curlers for the first time, start with this $3 gem. It's the perfect intro tool for someone who wants to get a feel for the experience without spending extra money on something they might not like.

Best eyelash curler for hard-to-reach lashes: Tweezerman

hellogiggles Available at Amazon

If you've ever struggled to curl your outer or inner-corner lashes, or you simply have naturally short lashes, this curler is for you. The ultra-small curler allows you to apply the tool much closer to your eye than most eyelash curlers, which means that you can move it up and down the lash to get the curl exactly where you want it.

Best eyelash curler for travel: Japonesque

hellogiggles Available at Amazon

This slim eyelash curler is perfect for the person who's constantly on-the-go or who hates having bulky products in their makeup bag. We love how straightforward and simple this item is—simply flip the easel back to get the necessary leverage to press down on your lashes to create a curl. Plus, it comes with extra pads on the inside in case you need to replace them while away from home.

Cult-classic eyelash curler: Kevyn Aucoin

hellogiggles - $31 Available at Nordstrom

If you're a '90s kid, then the name Kevyn Aucoin should definitely ring a bell. The celebrity makeup artist was the genius behind some of the decade's most memorable runway shows, magazine covers, and red carpet looks, working with celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker. So, it only makes sense that he'd create a staple makeup tool found in kits across the country. Its clamp is longer than most, which means it can easily grasp all lashes. Plus, the opening is wider than most, too, which means that it works well on all eye shapes since there's more surface space.

Amazon-loved eyelash curler: Brilliant Beauty

hellogiggles Available at Amazon

With over 16,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say that this eyelash curler is a crowd-pleaser. Reviewers say that it gives them permed-like volume without them even having to put on mascara, and many mention how high-end the product looks. Buy it in one of four colors: rose gold (pictured here), black, platinum, and prism.