Extremely Lucky 2-Year-Old Survives 5-Story Fall With Just a Bruise

audrianna dzyuba 2-year-old apartment fall
2-year-old Audrianna Dzyuba survived a 5-story fall from a window in this apartment building in the Bronx Friday night (Photos: Courtesy of Aleks Dzyuba, Google Maps)

Many of us have reasons to be thankful and feel lucky every day. Audrianna Dzyuba, an extremely lucky 2-year-old who lives with her family in the Bronx, has us all beat today.

Around 6:30pm on Friday, the toddler was briefly left alone by her 17-year-old cousin, Isabelle Goff, whom she shares a room with. The bedroom window — normally locked according to the younger child’s mother — was open while the two children were watching and listening to the rain, said Goff. Moments after leaving the room to grab a slice of pizza, the teen heard a sound and a scream as the young child fell out of the window.

What Goff ended up seeing through the open window was little Audrianna on top of the building’s awning, five stories below. After hearing the noise and commotion, the child’s mother Kelley Dzyuba, told the New York Daily News “My heart sank and it hasn’t come back up yet. It’s an absolute miracle.”

Audrianna not only survived the fall but suffered a few bruises on her right arm. A neighbor on the apartment building’s second floor was able to bring the child in from the awning.

While Audrianna’s escape from what could have been a serious fall may seem miraculous, similar instances have been reported — one from just earlier this year. In May, the New York Post reported a boy in Flushing, New York, also two years old, fell from his apartment window two stories up and survived due to a shed that broke the possibly longer fall. Another incident in 2014 involved a 15-month-old baby boy surviving a fall out of an 11th-floor apartment balcony in Minneapolis.

Read more of Audrianna’s story on New York Daily News.

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