This extreme Halloween nail art isn't for the faint of heart

Creepy claws are just one of the creations that the Nail Sunny salon has been working up for Halloween. (Photo: Instagram/Nail Sunny)
Creepy claws are just one of the creations that the Nail Sunny salon has been working up for Halloween. (Photo: Instagram/Nail Sunny)

For most of the year, extreme nail art is something best left to the runways and Instagram feeds (as we regular folk have to actually use our fingers to function). But as Halloween nears, it’s natural to start thinking about something beyond basic black or blood red.

Enter the art of Nail Sunny.

The Moscow salon chain has become famous worldwide for its Instagram and YouTube videos of outrageous nail art, from a set of teeth to a working snow globe. But for October, the technicians go even more all-out.

“I come up with most of designs myself, and it has become my daily duty,” Nail Sunny co-owner Eleonora Movsisyan tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I get inspired from Instagram posts or celebrity news, basically everything. I’d say no limits to creativity! But sometimes we can use a hint from our friends or employees.”

In the past month, the salon has shown us nails adorned with footlong locks of hair and with little men in water bottle costumes, à la Kanye West and Lil Pump on Saturday Night Live. Movsisyan says that two of the salon’s most Halloween-y creations — a set of monster claws and nails that look covered in mold — came from the imaginations of her “talented nail masters.”

Still, these most-extreme manicures are not quite in the take-home category yet. Even though Nail Sunny is planning to open up stateside soon, with a Los Angeles outpost, sets of octopus tentacles or popped-out eyeballs will remain one-time creations meant for social media only.

“Usually these weird and extremely creative designs are made only for #nailsunnytutorial projects,” Movsisyan said. “We have models for those designs because it can take up to six hours to create a design like that. … Sometimes it takes a team of two people and up to 48 hours of work.”

The only time someone walked out with an extreme design of her own, it was a journalist working on a story. So if you want to start hammering wood nails into your own set of acrylics, or gross out the whole world with a “nose” manicure that actually oozes fake snot, you’re going to have to follow Nail Sunny’s tutorials yourself — just make sure that you clear your calendar and have some experience as a sculptor!

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“All the special designs are time-consuming and have to be performed very precisely,” Movsisyan says. “But it is fun to work with a great creative team, and we always like getting feedback from our followers and clients. We do it to entertain people and to show our skills. We love what we do.”

If you’re really interested in trying something at home or taking ideas to your local manicurist, you might instead want to scale down your ambitions a bit and check out the other tutorials available online, such as for these clever bloody stitches or zombie nails. As an added bonus, they’re less likely to make others lose their lunch — or run away screaming.

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