The Extravagant Gift Nick Cannon Gave a Former Love Interest

Nick Cannon is looking back at one of his celebrity flings from the back in the day, which he credits to the very special gift he had custom made for his former crush, Nicole Scherzinger.

The Wild 'n Out star recently spilled the tea on his reported romance with the Pussycat Dolls singer, who he admitted is the only woman he's ever "chased" romantically.

But while Cannon, 42, said he was "so in love" with Scherzinger, 44, for years, it wasn't until he got her one very special and extravagant gift that he finally got his foot in the door.

"Everybody knows that's my ex," he said during an appearance on The Jason Lee Show this week, after being shown a picture of the "Buttons" songstress. "That's probably the only woman I've ever chased. I chased her. I gave her Bible verses. I gave her a custom Bible because she's very spiritual and super into Christianity."

"She was like, 'I'm not messing with you. You toxic,'" Cannon recalled. "I chased her for years. The Bible is what got me in."

It's not exactly clear when the pair's romance took place, and Scherzinger has never publicly divulged any details about their reported fling, but the former AGT host had nothing but good things to say about Scherzinger, telling Lee that she is "super talented."

"The world hasn't seen how talented," he added. "Vocally, she's incredible, but her acting, her humor, her impressions, and then she's just a good person. Like, one of them people that don't say bad about nobody."

Cannon and Scherzinger have since gone on to become good pals and even co-stars on The Masked Singer, where they serve as a host and a panelist on the show, respectively.

You can tune in to the Season 9 finale of The Masked Singer on Wednesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX, or stream the episode the next day on Hulu.