The Experts from Bravo’s ‘Backyard Envy’ Taught Us Exactly How *Not* to Destroy Our Plant BBs

Megan Uy
·1 min read

From Cosmopolitan

Part of being an adult is realizing that plants are essential I’m not too sure how I survived more than 20 years of my life without greenery in each and every corner of my room, but it’s fine. I’ve learned from my mistakes! But, just, wow—who knew that herbs and flowers of all sorts were such a beautiful necessity?? Seriously.

As a shiny new aaand kind of clueless plant owner, I lack the core knowledge that I need to, welp, properly care for my new lil children. This is when the professionals—James, Mel, and Garret, aka the Manscapers—from Bravo’s Backyard Envy come to the rescue of me, you, and our blooming crops.

To my surprise (and probs yours too), there are actually so many things that come with tending to a plant. The first tip that the squad suggested was making sure you invested in some solid pots for your green child. I mean if you think about it, this is pretty much it’s home that you’re providing them with. Point being, your kid deserves a castle.

For all the people who’d rather have their plants above ground than on it, make sure that you’re doing it the *right* way. To get more advice on how to not totally destroy your plants, watch the rest of the video and their show on Bravo now!

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