Expert Tim Hanlon Says Streaming Wars are Heating Up

Streaming wars are heating up as legacy media companies try to dethrone Netflix. “The entire television industry is completely going haywire because the traditional process by which people have found content to be able to watch television shows, through their cable operator, their satellite operator, that whole construct is basically breaking down as consumers find that they have more choices available to them,” Vertere Group Founder and CEO Time Hanlon stated. “There’s a whole generation of consumers that know television simply as that: I want to watch something, I’m gonna find it, and I’m gonna watch it whenever I want to.” Media and tech giants Disney, NBC Universal WarnerMedia, and Apple are all expected to launch streaming services by 2020. These heavyweights will become direct competitors to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hanlon says media companies are pushing to be more direct to consumers. “Every major media company now is scrambling to figure out how to more directly reach consumers with or without a cable subscription frankly because most people are not subscribing to that,” he said. “A broadband internet connection really is only what people need. And if consumers really want to watch just a couple of Disney offerings of a couple of NBC Universal offerings, that can increasingly just get them directly from those sources without having to subscribe to the entire bundle full of stuff that they don’t want to watch.” This video, "Expert Tim Hanlon Says Streaming Wars are Heating Up ", first appeared on