An Expert Explains Why You Shouldn't Use Ground Filet Mignon For Burger Meat

Raw filet mignon cuts on black background
Raw filet mignon cuts on black background - Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

If you're aiming to master the art of crafting the perfect homemade burger, understanding one crucial detail is key: the right cut of beef to use. Navigating through the various options can be overwhelming, especially for those new to burger preparation. You might think a premium cut like filet mignon, known for its luxury, would be the ideal choice — the fancier, the better, right? However, when it comes to burgers, this isn't the case.

Tasting Table consulted an expert, Sherry E. Cardoso, culinary director at Patti Ann's, a Midwest-style restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, for insight. Cardoso pointed out that while filet mignon carries a "wow factor," it's not suitable for burgers. In fact, its low fat content hinders the juiciness that characterizes the best burgers.

Cardoso explained, "When picking the ground meat for a burger, you want the complete opposite of a filet mignon — something with a higher fat content. Using a leaner cut such as filet mignon will result in a dry patty."

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What Cut Of Beef Should You Choose Instead?

Close up of burger patty in pan
Close up of burger patty in pan - Rocky89/Getty Images

If you have a premium cut of beef on your hands, don't let it go to waste. Instead, use it for a specialty dish, such as this caramelized onion and blue cheese-smothered filet mignon. However, if you're aiming to make a delicious burger tonight, Sherry E. Cardoso suggests opting for a brisket grind as one of the top choices.

Brisket, unlike filet mignon, is not lean. As Cardoso shared, "It has a naturally high fat-to-meat ratio, and the fat ensures a juicy and succulent finished product. The fat also helps with caramelization during the cooking process."

If you want to follow Cardoso's suggestion, you have the option to use brisket solely for your ground beef, or you can opt for a blend. For instance, Tasting Table's beef burger patty recipe incorporates a mix of beef brisket, beef chuck, and boneless beef short ribs.

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