What to expect from Colts rookie RB Jonathan Taylor

Yahoo Sports Andy Behrens is joined by Rotoworld's Kate Magdzuik to discuss what we can expect Colts rookie RB Jonathan Taylor's production to look like this season. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript




ANDY BEHRENS: [? Sticking ?] to ADP, went to-- you went Jonathan Taylor. Give me the full pep talk for Jonathan Taylor, third-round pick.

KATE MAGDZUIK: Just in general, I'm very off of rookies this year. I know the narrative, I think, has swung a little too far in the anti-rookie direction. But in general, my goal is to temper expectations, especially on teams that have a capable running back or capable wide receiver ahead.

Like, it all depends on, you know, sort of the immediate needs of that team. So when I'm looking at, like, the Colts, they've got Marlon Mack. And though he's not exciting, he's not a game changer necessarily, they're also playing behind one of the best offensive lines. You have Nyheim Hines, who's a-- just a built-in third-down running back. So those are all my reservations here.

But you know, when-- what Michelle brought me back to was honestly just the pre-season evaluation. He was both of our running back ones, you know, in this draft class. And he's just such a good, pure runner. And I think once he earns that role, whether that be week 1, week 2, even week 4 or 5, it doesn't really matter. I think he will win the job. And I think that if he's running behind that offensive line, he will be unstoppable.

So that was a move that, you know, I-- I was talked into, but more so for the potential later on in the season, because I think he is going to be a back to certainly win some people some championships in 2020, even if he gets off to a slow start.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I will say, I feel like his-- almost his worst-case scenario early in the season in September, early October probably still looks a little bit like David Johnson as a rookie, where, yeah, he's running behind somebody, and he's not getting-- maybe he's not getting 15 touches a game, but his touches are sensational.