Exonerate 'Central Park' Survivor Dr. Yusef Salaam on Black Trauma

Dr. Yusef Salaam was imprisoned as a member of the Central Park Five, a group of Black and Hispanic teenagers who were falsely charged and convicted of an attack on a jogger in Central Park.

Though much of the public called for their execution, including future President Donald Trump, the five were eventually exonerated and have shared their experience as a warning against systemic police racism and police brutality.

As the Black Lives Matter comes to the forefront in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, protests throughout the world are waking us up to the shared experience of Black trauma in a society that is unfairly biased against them. The Black experience shared by many African Americans is wrought with the collective trauma of centuries of injustice, and as the Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd protests continue to grow, we must not lose sight of the tragedies that led us to this moment.

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