Exhausted New Dad Rocks Cat Instead of Baby and Viewers Can Relate

Every parent can remember those sleepless first months when tired became the new normal, but one new dad took 'exhausted' to a whole other level. That's why tons of viewers (myself included) can appreciate the hilarious TikTok video from @itsshannonandbrandon that captured the priceless brain fart. Sometimes, you just have to run on autopilot!

When new mom Shannon noticed that Brandon was still rocking the baby even though the baby was asleep in her crib, she had to take a closer look. It turns out he was rocking their sweet, affectionate kitty instead! I'm so glad she did, but their black cat would've preferred not to be interrupted.

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LMAO! I could see, hear, and feel the exhaustion in this dad's every movement. I'm sure Mom was just as worn out, but at least she knew where their daughter was!

"The cat sure as hell wasn't going to tell him," wrote @elder_witch_jen. Nope, he wasn't! He was soaking in every ounce of love and affection while his dad rocked him. If you ask me, though, this should be part of their regular routine. After all, it's important that the older child gets some extra love with a new baby around... even when the older child is a house cat!

It's laugh-out-loud funny how much the black cat was enjoying his pamper session, though my favorite detail was the look on Brandon's face as he realized who exactly was in his arms. It wasn't the baby he was expecting--that's for sure!

"Tired parents in my new favorite brand of TikTok," commented @addictedtofandoms. "Like I feel for y'all but dang is this funny." I couldn't agree more! It's probably the relatability that makes this situation so silly, but whatever it is--I'm still laughing over here! The annoyed kitty, though? Not so much.

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