EXCLUSIVE: Olly Launches Adaptogen Supplements

Olly wants users to stress less.

The supplement brand, available at major retailers like Target and CVS, is launching three new products, all infused with adaptogens — a brand new ingredient for the brand. Adaptogens are often used to boost mood and reduce the effects of stress.

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For the Olly team, expanding the brand’s mood-focused offerings was key, especially as it has become a top concern among Gen Z and Millennial shoppers, according to Punam Patel, vice president of product.

“At Olly, we’re familiar with the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being. Adaptogens follow this philosophy, too. By regulating our response to stress, and balancing our extremes, we have a better chance at feeling good overall,” she told WWD. “We’re really focused on whole-person wellness and adaptogens are unique in how they support not just one specific concern, but support overall balance.”

With this, interest in adaptogens has grown over the past several years, as consumers are seeking natural ways to boost their mood and address the effects of stress. Data from Spate shows that searches for adaptogens have grown nearly 39 percent year-over-year. Furthermore, reports from WSL Strategic Retail show 39 percent of consumers view stress as the number-one obstacle to a healthy life.

Olly is offering adaptogen capsules, versus powder, in a bid for differentiation in what has become a crowded category.

“Most other adaptogen-based supplements are ingredient-led, but our strength at Olly is creating products that go beyond one ingredient and truly support overall health and wellness benefits,” Patel said.

Rather than using a single ingredient in the formulas, each new supplement employs an assortment of adaptogens for a specific benefit, including Olly Chill, which has ashwagandha, rhodiola and schisandra meant to address stress; Olly Focus, which has American ginseng, gotu kola and lemon balm meant for concentration and alertness; and Olly Rest, which has valerian root, passionflower and chamomile meant for relaxation, all $19.99.

While the brand did not share projections, industry sources estimate the launch will amass around $2 million in retail sales.

“Education is critical. We’re continuing to meet our consumers where they’re at, which is online and when they experience the product. On our packaging, we include some helpful information on both the ingredients and the benefits they can have,” Patel said. The brand is also employing educational content on its site, social media and influencer marketing channels.

Broadly, Patel said Olly “prides itself on innovation and being a benefits-driven company, so we are always looking at what our consumers (even you, men!) are asking for,” nodding at potential future products.

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