EXCLUSIVE: Meet the creators on TikTok's 2024 LGBTQIA+ Visionary Voices list

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This June, it's time to celebrate joy, advocacy, and most of all, pride.

TODAY.com is exclusively revealing the all-star lineup on TikTok’s 2024 LGBTQIA+ Visionary Voices list, full of inspiring creators who use their platforms to make a positive impact on their communities.

Even before you read this list, you’ve most likely seen one or a few of these trailblazing TikTok creators come across your For You page (FYP). Take makeup tips from Patrick Starrr, marvel at Billy Porter's star power and eagerly follow Nai-Jelee's storytimes.

From award-winning actors to beauty gurus, these creators will inspire you to pursue your dreams and embrace your authentic self during Pride Month and beyond. And throughout the month of June, check out TikTok's #ForYourPride hub for live events, shoppable programs, playlists and more.



Who: Nai-Jelee (she/her), a beauty influencer based in San Diego, California.

What you should know: Nai-Jelee's 1.3+ million TikTok followers love her hilarious storytimes, GRWM videos and beauty tutorials (hair, nail and makeup) — and, of course, the tea on her dating life.


Who: Darcy and Jer (he/him) are married comedians who live in British Columbia, Canada.

What you should know: According to their website tagline, “Darcy & Jer are idiots on the internet… the end.” There’s so much more to learn about the comedic pair, who have been married for 20 years and share a daughter (and an adorable dog). Their hilarious videos about each other will crack you up and warm your heart.


Who: Kissy Duerré (she/her), a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator based in Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada.

What you should know: Kissy Duerré isn't just known for her impeccable fashion and hair content. Prepare to be inspired by her videos about self-love, confidence and chasing your goals, all while supporting the trans and queer youth community.

Industry disruptors


Who: Billy Porter (he/him, she/her, they/them), an award-winning actor, singer and director based in Los Angeles.

What you should know: It's nearly impossible to sum up Billy Porter's accomplishments in a few short sentences, but here's a glimpse: Porter is a triple threat in singing, acting and directing (he's one letter away from achieving EGOT status). He showcases his exuberant fashion sense on social media and the red carpet, and he's tireless in his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.


Who: Sasha Colby (she/her), a drag queen and influencer.

What you should know: Sasha Colby doesn't need a crown to know she's a queen, but she's collected several during her phenomenal drag career. She won the Miss Continental drag queen pageant in 2012, and she became the first openly trans and Hawaiian contestant to win "RuPaul’s Drag Race" in 2023.


Who: V Spehar (she/they), a digital journalist and activist from Rochester, New York.

What you should know: In their "Under The Desk" series, V Spehar greets their 3.1+ million TikTok followers with mentioning the day of the week, followed by "here's what happened." Spehar then breaks down the news and events of the day with insightful and witty commentary.

Small-owned businesses


Who: Haley (she/they), co-founder of non-traditional engagement ring company Shop VENVS, based in New York City.

What you should know: Shop VENVS helps couples find the engagement ring that captures their unique love story. Co-founder Haley champions inclusivity and celebrates love in all its forms on Shop VENVS's TikTok platform.

@onesizeWho: Patrick Starrr (he/him), makeup artist and founder of beauty brand ONE/SIZE, based in Los Angeles.

What you should know: An online star (Starrr, if you will) in his own right, Patrick Starrr drew on his knowledge as a makeup artist and esthetician to create ONE/SIZE, an inclusive beauty brand offering makeup products that are just as bold as Starrr himself.


Who: Sarah Couvillon and Rachael Newby (she/her), creators of Rainbow Certified, based in Ontario, Canada.

What you should know: If you're looking for some creative, colorful merch for Pride Month, Rainbow Certified has you covered. From tote bags to t-shirts and pins, Rainbow Certified celebrates the LGBTQ+ community all year long.

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