EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Rinna Expands Rinna Beauty With Lip Plumpers

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Lisa Rinna is expanding Rinna Beauty, releasing lip plumpers on Wednesday.

“The lip kit was really my initial vision,” she said of her first launch, lip kits — liners, lipsticks and glosses. “But we always were going to do a plumper, because, authentically, that makes a lot of sense. It just does. I mean, it would be stupid not to.”

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The actress and star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been known for her own plump and enhanced lips.

“I mean, I jokingly call myself the lip pioneer, because I literally was one of the very first to augment my lips when I was 24 years old,” she said. “And if you do the math, that’s a very long time ago. So, to come full circle — I mean everyone and their mothers has done it. Like, I can’t tell you if there’s anyone in Los Angeles that I work with that hasn’t augmented their lips. Now it’s an accepted thing.”

The plumpers, at $24 each, use collagen peptides to plump. They’re lighter in texture than the glosses, said Rinna, moisturizing and able to be layered. Three of the six shades (a peach, a frost and red) will be released on Wednesday, while the rest of the colors will launch in April.

“It’s not your normal plumper that, you know, happens quickly, and it’s kind of red hot and your lips kind of burn,” she went on. “This is not that at all. This is about lip health and lip care and about making it so that it benefits your lips over time; it works on the fine lines. It plumps them up — in 28 days of use, your lips are actually bigger.”

The line of lip plumpers. - Credit: Courtesy
The line of lip plumpers. - Credit: Courtesy


Available direct-to-consumer, Rinna Beauty — vegan and cruelty-free — has been a partnership with brand incubator SEL Beauty. In the fall, the brand will introduce eye kits, mascaras, liners and shadows. Rinna is also working on a fragrance product and more releases in lip, including a plumping lip oil. Next year she plans to introduce other face products, including tinted moisturizers, highlighters, concealers, blush and bronzers, as well as launch into brick-and-mortar.

“Our vision with the whole brand has always been, ‘How can we give Lisa’s fans and followers the full Lisa Rinna package?’” said Cheryl Krakow, founder and president of SEL Beauty.

Rinna Beauty has a repeat customer rate of about 35 percent (nudes and lighter lip colors are bestsellers), with buyers between the ages of mid-20s to mid-60s (8 percent of them are men). Rinna, married to actor Harry Hamlin, collaborated with one of her daughters, Amelia Gray, on a lip kit in the fall, which has introduced the brand to a younger shopper (other daughter Delilah’s version is expected this summer). Key markets have been the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, revealed Krakow.

“The more people see it on Lisa, the more they want what she’s wearing,” said Krakow. Sales spike when the brand is mentioned on TV, particularly on the “Housewives” show, she added. The brand, which has been focused on digital marketing efforts online and on social media (including working with influencers), is exploring TV advertisements for the first time.

Company sales are in the seven figures, according to Krakow, who did not reveal specific numbers. “And we’re hoping by the end of this year to be in the eight figures.”

Launched during the pandemic, Rinna and her team have had to maneuver unexpected delays (Rinna Beauty is manufactured in Canada and the U.S., with items sourced globally).

“Because of the way the world has been, all of the different logistical issues and shipping, all that stuff, it has changed the way that we’ve been able to launch things,” said Rinna. “So, it’s been a really good lesson in just going with the flow and doing what we can. We should have launched eyes by now. We were planning on launching eyes in the fall, and we were not able to do that. So, we just keep going with what we’re able to do, and I think that that’s just kind of what the world has to do right now.”

Rinna has big dreams for the company.

“My ambition is to make it into a billion-dollar company,” she said. “If I’m really honest about it, you know, I would love to be up there in the upper echelon, with Rihanna and Kylie [Jenner], all the girls.”

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