Exclusive: "iCarly" Clip Shows Carly Reuniting with Nevel and Some Things Never Change

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Photo credit: Lisa Rose/Paramount+
Photo credit: Lisa Rose/Paramount+

Wedding bells are ringing in the upcoming episode of iCarly and a familiar face is back for the celebration.

In an exclusive clip for Seventeen, Carly and the crew head off to Nevel's wedding and it looks like nothing has changed between them. While Nevel might be celebrating his big day, he still has time to fight with Carly.

Although it seems like Nevel and Carly's feud is bigger than ever, there's someone new in Nevel's life that has different feelings about Carly: his new wife. Check out the exclusive sneak peek clip below:

Since Nevel and Carly a basically enemies, it seemed a little surprising that she would get an invite. But, it looks like his wife is not only "a peach" as Carly says, but also a huge iCarly fan. As we already know, if Nevel and Carly are both involved in something, then there's definitely some more drama coming our way.

There's also a very interesting amount of antennas being worn throughout the wedding. With the episode called "iRobot Wedding," it looks like the couple went with a very unconventional wedding theme. This is Nevel we're talking about, so it shouldn't be too surprising.

So will there be a big showdown between Carly and Nevel again? Or will they finally call a truce in their big feud against each other for the sake of his new wife?

Check out the next episode of iCarly when it premieres on Thursdays on Paramount+.

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