Exclusive: Ed Westwick breaks silence about girlfriend Amy Jackson and reveals future baby plans

Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson at PFW Lancome X Louvre Photocall
(Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)
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Ed Westwick is having a moment. The 37-year-old former Gossip Girlstar, best known for playing lovable bad boy Chuck Bass, is back on our screens in new action thriller Deep Fear opposite Madalina Ghenea, which opens in cinemas across the UK this Friday, 27 October.

The British actor moved from London to a new country home earlier this year with his girlfriend Amy Jackson and her son Andreas, four, from a previous relationship. Preferring to lead a quiet life these days, Ed has remained notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life and romance with Bollywood actress Amy – until now.

Here Ed talks exclusively to HELLO! about their relationship for the first time, whether marriage and children are on the cards, his deep grief for his mother and plans for the future.

Tell us about your new film Deep Fear...

I would describe it as a high-stakes, survival thriller with a love story thrown in. Sharks versus Narcs Its the first time Ive played a really nice guy. Early on in my career, I went down a trajectory of bad boys. But in Deep Fear, I play a normal guy who lives in the Caribbean. Hes a working guy who is in a relationship. A lot of us can relate to that. But hes an ordinary, nice guy who gets into an extraordinary situation.

Its survival from sharks, from narcs and from the weather! Theres a lot going on. Its beautifully shot and Madalina was amazing.

We shot it in Malta which is a wonderful, historical place! It's an amazing mixture of cultures. Great people and great food. It was supposed to be the Caribbean but it was very cold when we filmed there! Dare I say, there even might have been a little bit of fake tan on my skin for this film.


Ed Westwick posing against seaside backdrop in blue shirt
Ed Westwick is back on our screens in gripping action thriller Deep Fear (Brilliant Pictures)

A lot of the action is set on a boat. How are your sea legs?

Rubbish! Appalling. Actually, my motion sickness in general as well. I cant cliff jump, rollercoasters are now out of the picture. I can do the teacup ride at Disney Land but that's it. Although there was a little dizziness last time.

The most embarrassing one was a few weekends ago when I was at a fan convention in Bahrain meeting so many lovely people. It was at a racetrack and the organisers told me they wanted to give me some laps in a Formula Three car! I already knew that this was going to mess me up but I didn't want to look like an idiot. I said cool and jumped in with the driver but I felt so sick and horrendous!

So I have no sea legs but the funny thing about this film is that 90% of it takes place on the ocean and I managed to not even get wet! How the hell did I get away with that?! Compared to the other actors in it, and Madalina especially!

I took all the seasick tablets they gave me and it sounds weird but I was also told to suck lemons to help me. It was rough!

Ed Westwick holding gun on board boat image still from Deep Fear
The British actor describes his new film as a "high-stakes, survival thriller with a love story thrown in" (Brilliant Pictures)

What are you up to this year?

[My girlfriend] Amy and I moved to the countryside, just an hour from central London six months ago and have been busy renovating the house. I grew up nearby and my two brothers live close by.

We are surrounded by countryside and I wake up in the morning and walk around and theres no one but us and my neighbours horses. We are very, very happy.

Im in the gym a lot, working out and boxing because I'm making a movie in January about a boxer from the 1920s. Im trying to get good at boxing. The boxing is going really well but the difficult part is being as disciplined as I need to be about food.

I'll have what I like to call frustration chocolate! The boxing is really good for my mental health.

Im also continuing my support for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) which aims to end global pediatric HIV/AIDS through prevention and treatment programmes.

Madalina Ghanea as Naomi deep sea diving in movie Deep Fear
Ed stars in Deep Fear opposite Madalina Ghenea (Brilliant Pictures)

Im supporting the strikes in Hollywood at the moment, but weve been given dispensation by SAG to open my next film TONIC in LA on 4th November, which Im excited about. Its a great character role which is new territory for me, and Im also producing it.

This is your first Christmas in the new house with your girlfriend, British actress Amy Jackson. What are you planning?

It feels wonderful! We dont have a dining room table yet. We are very excited and Im picturing us having Christmas dinner around it together. Although one of my brothers and his wife and kids who were meant to be coming over are now going away. Families are funny! Trying to get everyone together is hard. We all want to do our own thing. But we are a very close family.

Why did you and Amy move from London to the countryside?

Its less than an hour to Central London and is 10 minutes from where I grew up. Both of my brothers and their families are around the corner and Amys mother lives down here now too.

Ed Westwick and girlfriend Amy Jackson hotel room selfie
Ed is loved up with girlfriend Amy Jackson, who is a successful Bollywood actress (Instagram)

We have much more space than in London and we love the peace and tranquility. The ambition is to have our own family. There are no announcements to make yet! Amy has her son Andreas who is wonderful and hes with his dad half of the time.

How did you and Amy meet?

We were invited separately to a race day with Aston Martin at Silverstone racetrack in 2021. I was there with a friend who knew her. I saw her and thought, Im going to make my move! We chatted for a bit and I asked her if she wanted to meet me for a coffee.

We had a wonderful day and she beat me. Her lap time was a lot better than mine! Shes been making my heart race from day one!

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At the time, she was looking to move to Hampstead in London and I was also looking there at the time. I promise! She moved and I moved shortly afterwards to my own place there but very close to each other. Shes lovely, and a fierce girl!

Are you romantic?

I can imagine if she was here right now she would make a face. Yes, I am but maybe this is typical man stuff or I am crap. But I feel Ive been getting tunnel vision on the house renovations which has taken up so much time. Sstress!

Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson at Kilian Paris Smoking Hot
The pair's relationship is going from strength to strength and they have moved to the English countryside together (Pierrick Rocher/BFA.com/Shutterstock)

I feel like I haven't had as much capacity to be as romantic as I'd like to be. I should be more romantic but I've always got her back. And as kind and sweet as I can be! I try to make her laugh and she does laugh a lot.

Are marriage and children on the agenda?

Yes! One hundred per cent. I grew up in a wonderful household where my mum and dad were married. My parents loved each other fiercely right up to the end. I idolised them and their relationship. Just that kind of support!

When my father died 10 years ago, I wished mum had more things in her life. She had friends but my parents did everything together. Thats the only downside to one of these relationships.

My mother sadly died in September last year. Her birthday is Halloween so this is a weird time of year for me and emotional.

She died of a type of cancer she should never have had. I want to raise awareness of it - it is called Mesothelioma, which is a lung cancer caused by asbestos.

My mother was a child psychologist and an absolute sweetheart. She worked in attic rooms in old school buildings and we just dont know when she inhaled that poison. It was terrible.

Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson attend the amfAR Cannes Gala 2023
The Gossip Girl star says marriage and children are on the horizon with Amy (Pascal Le Segretain/amfAR)

Its still really hard. I want to call her and tell her about the movies I have coming out. She didnt get to see our new house.

Just before she died, she wrote a childrens book called The Time Tree. When we came to see the house and walked into the magical garden and there was a tree which looked just like the tree on the cover of her book. I knew straight away we had to have the house.

She is still with us. I hate the fact that I cant talk to her anymore. My brother told me to talk to her. I dont though. But I like to think about the little things.

I remember her hands or her shoulders, which Id touch. I have her voice notes and clips of videos of her. I miss her enormously but I try to think about the future to stay positive, like marriage and kids and all of that.

Youre 37 - how do you feel about your 40s around the corner?

I honestly feel my life moving in a really positive direction. I have more patience and I dont get FOMO. Im very fortunate in my career and Im settled. I got lucky very early on and feel like Ive done alright. Im less concerned with the unknown. Ive got a couple of businesses that Ive invested in.

Ed Westwick lying on boat in the sunshine wearing blue shirt
Ed is looking forward to the future following a period of intense grief (Brilliant Pictures)

After losing my dad, I was knocked off my tangent as I didnt have a mentor anymore. I was figuring stuff out. But in terms of ageing, Im healthy and I feel good.

I feel great about turning 40. I think the 40s are really cool. And your 50s. Look at Brad Pitt! Hes got better and better! I think you have to take care of yourself and show up for the people in your life.

How does it feel to look back at being voted one of People Magazines Sexiest Men Alive 15 years ago?

I find it hilarious. I was just this typical young person but I knew nothing! I was a kid and thought I had it all figured out. It was a funny time but I sometimes still brag about it.

Can you tell us about your band, For You?

I always loved making music, but in a very kind of informal setting. The band came together from some people that I met in America and a very incredibly talented producer. We are recording an album. Its already sounding really cool. Im the lead singer. Its something Ive enjoyed - its another creative outlet and experience. The guys in the band are so talented. Theyre sweethearts and very patient with me around my schedules which isnt the easiest at times. Maybe we will play some shows next year! We will see where it all ends up.

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How would you describe the genre of music?

Pop rock. The guys in the band are 10 years younger than me and went to Berklee College of Music and are super passionate about it. I dont consider myself to be a professional musician but these guys are and I am very fortunate to be in the room with such talented people.

Ed Westwick wearing blue shirt holding notepad and pencil filming Deep Fear
The star juggles his Hollywood acting career with his band, For You (Brilliant Pictures)

What are your future ambitions?

I'd like to build an amazing gym and sauna and cold plunge complex in my house. I would like to keep being able to find things that satisfy my curiosity and acting absolutely does that. I directed a short a few years ago and really enjoyed that process and would like to direct again.

I am a happy person and I do feel like life is a little equation that we keep tinkering with to produce happiness on a day to day basis. Not every day is going to be great. Life is more complex than that - you lose people and other things happen in life. But happiness is the main objective. I definitely went through a very anxious period but Im glad to say I dont have anxiety these days. Thats a wonderful thing. When I become a parent Im sure that will change everything.

Deep Fear, starring Ed Westwick and Madalina Ghenea, opens in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from Friday 27 October and on Amazon UK, iTunes, Sky Store, Google Play, Microsoft, Rakuten, Virgin and BT from 30th October 2023. Pre-order now from itunes.

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