Exclusive: Alex Tries to Convince Paul to Go for a Ride in New ‘The Morning Show’ Clip

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Watch an Exclusive ‘The Morning Show’ ClipKarolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

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Maybe Paul Marks might have not completely walked away from his deal with UBS and it might all be thanks to Alex.

In an exclusive clip for Cosmopolitan, Alex does everything she can to convince Paul to come take a ride with her in episode four of The Morning Show season 3. Paul believes that Cory sent her to apologize and try to get him back in on the deal, but it seems like Alex is totally flying solo on their one and is not willing to take no for an answer. You can check out the full clip above!

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And it looks like she might be successful as some newly released photos show Alex and Paul heading around the city to play some pinball and even hit up a carnival. What better way to discuss some business than some games?

And that's not all! According to the streamer, fans can expect a lot more to go down as "The UBA Upfront brings everyone together for a party in the Hamptons. Bradley and Alex each revisit a problematic relationship."

With lots of money and the future of the network on the line, there's no doubt that there may be some secrets coming out in order to make things work, especially as UBA (and especially Cory) continues to deal with the aftermath of Cybil's big interview.

The fourth episode of The Morning Show season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, September 27 on Apple TV+, followed by new episodes every Wednesday through November 8, 2023.

Watch 'The Morning Show' on Apple TV+

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