Exchange student highlights the differences between French and American high school fashion

As a French exchange student living in the U.S., TikTok user Ju’ (@ju.imbt) has definitely had to adjust to some cultural differences between home and America. But one thing she probably didn’t expect to be so different was the actual day-to-day wardrobe, which apparently has a very different vibe in each nation.

“Pov: you’re a French girl in American high school,” the video text reads, as Ju’ first appears in a cute black and white skirt, black blazer and black tee.

By American standards, she looks perfectly put together and even a little dressed up for the school day. But that’s when a sound clip from SpongeBob SquarePants plays in the video, asking, “And why aren’t you in uniform?”

Seconds later, Ju’ re-appears in what she’s actually wearing to school — and it’s a decidedly dressed down look.

With her hair in a messy bun, a hydro flask in one hand and a laptop under one arm, the teen has ditched her preppy look and is now wearing an oversized Nike sweatshirt with black high-cut shorts. In other words, she’s channeling an American VSCO girl with a sporty edge.

In the comments, people had a wide range of reactions.

For starters, a lot of people defended the relaxed American look.

“Yep! We’re cozy here!” one person wrote.

“Sporty!” said someone else.

Another person reminded her not to forget her Crocs.

“If I was able to wear the second outfit to school I would have been so happy,” added someone else.

But lots of other commenters favored the more put-together French look.

“I wish we were dressing business casual in High school,” one person said. “Like actually.”

“Nah dress up girl I love doing that too,” another chimed in.

“French high school outfit is fire tho,” someone else declared.

Most of all, though, people reminded Ju’ that she shouldn’t feel peer pressured into wearing a certain “uniform” one way or the other. Instead, they encouraged her to be confident and wear whatever she wanted.

“Don’t let people shame you,” one person advised.

“U chose what u wanna chose,” said another.

“1st outfit would land you best dressed!” someone else told her.

Others simply pointed out that the true American high school aesthetic right now is actually more about freedom of expression — meaning that she shouldn’t feel boxed into any one corner.

“American high school means u can come dressed like an ASB girlie, business casual, or as a literal vampire,” one TikToker told Ju’. “as long as it’s not spaghetti straps tho.”

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