This Is Exactly What Vegan TikTok Stars Tabitha and Choyce Brown Eat in a Day

Chelsey Sanchez
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From Harper's BAZAAR

The Internet’s Favorite Mom™, Tabitha Brown, has soothed the souls of her millions of followers with her words of wisdom and delicious vegan recipes. A beloved TikTok creator, she often features her daughter, Choyce Brown, who boasts her own huge following on the platform.

In this episode of Food Diaries, the mother-daughter duo break down an entire day of eats, including a Pumfu scramble, go-to snacks, and a whole lot of mushrooms.

"I can imagine her in her room like, 'Is Mama cooking something?'" says Tabitha of her daughter's morning habits. "'Cause that's the only way that she'd be really eating, unless she missed out and she slept too long." Tabitha adds that she makes something different for breakfast almost every day, whether that means a nutritious smoothie or a Pumfu (pumpkin seed tofu) scramble.

Her Pumfu scramble is sautéed with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and red peppers, then topped with avocado, vegan lemon pepper Parmesan, and Sriracha. "And that's what would be waking her up right there," she says. If Choyce is on her own for breakfast, however, she makes do with a Just Egg omelet.

For lunch, Tabitha tends to eat whatever she produces for a video. Meanwhile, Choyce piggybacks off of Tabitha's TikTok creations. "I eat whatever she makes," Choyce explains. "I'm the taster, so my job is to taste what she makes to make sure that it's good. And I do a very good job of that. I take that very seriously."

Watch the full episode above to see what else this pair eats throughout the day.

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