Exactly How Mindy Kaling, 41, Keeps Her Adult Acne Away

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Photo credit: @MindyKaling
Photo credit: @MindyKaling

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You were likely first introduced to Mindy Kaling when she starred as Kelly Kapoor on The Office but since then the actress and comedian has gone on to acquire many more roles including director, writer, producer, and mom. (Fun fact: Mindy actually wrote 25 episodes of The Office—including the one where Michael Scott (Steve Carell) injures his foot with his George Foreman grill.) Something else you might not know about Mindy is that she's a regular skincare junkie.

The 41-year-old is refreshingly honest and open about her struggles of dealing with oily and acne-prone skin and has even posted on Instagram about some of the treatments she's tried. In 2019 she shared with The Fashion Spot that she is diligent about her skincare routine and that "the thing that I never shortchange is my end-of-the-day ritual for beauty." Keep reading for all of the products and treatments she indulges in on the regular.

She always prioritizes her skincare routine.

Mindy told The Fashion Spot that even becoming a mom didn't stop her from making time for her morning and evening skincare. "I’ve been very fastidious about my beauty routine. It’s something that I take a lot of pleasure in," said the actress. "I don’t have a ton of time in my schedule and this is that uninterrupted 5 to 10 minutes at night and in the mornings where I can do all the different steps of my routine. It’s a really good winding down ritual for me at the end of the night."

She follows a strict nightly regimen.

"If I have a full face of makeup, the first thing I do is a separate eye makeup remover and very gently put that on my eyes and swab off all my makeup because I hate the next morning when I still have mascara or liner on after I wash my face. Then I wet a washcloth with really hot water and squeeze it out and just take off as much makeup as I can just that way. Then I take my Clarisonic brush and go over my face again for a deep cleanse. Rinse. Tone. Put a serum and a moisturizer on and that’s it."

She's a big fan of Joanna Vargas and her line.

Mindy has shared in multiple interviews how much she loves her esthethician Joanna Vargas' line of skincare products. But it's The Rejuvenating Serum in particular that she's partial to. She told The Huffington Post, “She [Joanna Vargas] has this rejuvenating serum, which I use every single night and has been great for my skin, especially since I’ve been getting less sleep than I normally do."

But she also goes to see Joanna herself for facials about every six weeks. "I think that makes a difference because I have really oily skin and actually still break out if I don’t take care of it," she told The Fashion Spot.

She believes in the power of moisturizer—even for oily skin.

Speaking to the same Joanna Vargas serum mentioned above, Mindy told Who What Wear, "I always thought Oh, well, I don’t want to put something super hydrating on my skin; it's going to make me break out, and actually, if I don't use it, if I let myself get dry, that's when I break out for whatever reason. That took me a really long time to learn."

She still struggles with breakouts.

As if you didn't already want to be BFFs when Mindy, she also shares that she still struggles with acne. "I break out less than I did when I was a teenager, but it's never gone away, and I don't think it ever will, so I do a whole routine," the actress told Who What Wear. Part of which sometimes includes DIY masks like this one she shared on Instagram.

She always takes off all of her makeup.

"I take off every last tiny particle of makeup from my face. When I was in my 20's, I'd be lazy and just be like Eh, I didn't quite take off my eye makeup, because I'm not going to go buy eye makeup remover," Mindy shared with Who What Wear. "Now, it's part of my whole routine. Actually, I find it very meditative to take it all off. It feels like self-care."

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