This Is Exactly What Michelle Khare Eats in a Day

Chelsey Sanchez

From Harper's BAZAAR

As an actress, YouTuber, and host of the new HBO Max show Karma, Michelle Khare is undoubtedly used to having a lot on her plate. The former professional cyclist likes to fuel her body with high-protein healthy foods, but also loves to indulge when she feels like it.

In this episode of Food Diaries, Khare walks us through an entire day of eats, her go-to restaurants in Los Angeles, and favorite meals to cook at home.

Read on to see how she starts her day and make sure to check out Karma.

Khare starts her day off getting hydrated, chugging a "big, big glass of water." For breakfast, she opts for overnight oats. "If you're like me, conceptually, overnight oats—I wanna do as little work as possible," she says. "So I love Mush overnight oats. It's this brand that I actually found on Shark Tank. Thank you, Mark Cuban, I guess." Occasionally, she'll pair her breakfast meal with a smoothie, preferably the strawberry blends made by Urban Remedy.

"If I'm about to go into a really big day on set or training, I will have a big cup of caffeinated tea," she adds. Otherwise, Khare pretty much steers clear of caffeine-spiked beverages.

Watch the full episode above to see what else she eats throughout the day.

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