This is the exact moment you should turn your heating on, according to boiler experts

 The exact temp you should turn your heating on.
The exact temp you should turn your heating on.

With winter just around the corner and temperatures starting to drop, you might be asking yourself when to turn your heating on. 

As the days go by, the colder autumn weather is slowly creeping in and preparing us for the cosy winter days ahead. However, arriving with the cold is an increase in bills and energy prices, a concept that's not so welcome in our homes.

Expensive heating bills and shock inflation costs can alter our judgment when it comes to deciding when to use our radiators and many of us try to turn it on as late in the season as we can, instead getting creative with other ways to keep our house warm.

So with that in mind, what do the heating experts recommend and is there a switch-on sweet spot? It turns out there is and it's a lot more specific than you may have thought.

The exact temp you should turn your heating on - woman drinking coffee next to radiator
The exact temp you should turn your heating on - woman drinking coffee next to radiator

When should you turn your heating on?

You can finally avoid all radiator-centred arguments at home as the heating experts at MyJobQuote have revealed what the average outdoor temperature should be when you first turn on your heating.

"Outdoor temperatures of 15 degrees is when most people notice a change in temperature, enough to comment on their discomfort," explains Matthew Jenkins, a Heating Expert at MyJobQuote.

"This year, we’ll see daytime temperatures drop to below 15 degrees on the last weekend of October, making it the optimum time to turn the heating on," continues Matthew.

You may already be planning on braving the cold until the heating is really needed and you can see your breath as you make your morning coffee, but GOV UK advises differently.  Official advice states that indoor temperatures should never fall drastically below 15 degrees. If they do, your risk of negative health effects significantly increases, which is particularly dangerous for any elderly relatives.

So the second that thermometer hits 15 degrees, you better crack that heating on. Of course, if you're drying clothes indoors or just prone to feeling the cold more acutely than others, then you might want to switch it on sooner.

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