Evrnu Unveils First DTC Product Made with NuCycl

Evrnu has just taken another step toward reaching its goal of creating an eco-conscious fashion industry.

The textile innovations company has launched its first direct-to-consumer product—the 360 Hoodie—made from NuCycl, a high-performance, 100 percent recyclable lyocell material made entirely from cotton textile waste.

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“We are at an inflection point in the fashion industry where good design and innovation have come together to create a new standard,” said Stacy Flynn, co-founder and CEO of Evrnu. “We’re thrilled to be launching our first direct-to-consumer NuCycl product, which showcases the quality, luxurious feel, and sustainability of our technology.”

To bring the limited-edition hoodie to life, the Seattle-based B Corp teamed with American fashion designer Christopher Bevans. The Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist and former Nike designer was a “natural fit” for this collaboration, Evrnu said, given his mission of showing the fashion industry what’s possible with responsible fabrics.

“So much of our work in the industry is rooted in heritage and legacy systems, making it more difficult to adopt newer innovations and technologies that minimize our collective environmental footprint,” Bevans said. “This collaboration with Evrnu represents a new frontier for the fashion industry, allowing us to bring customers sustainable products without any trade-offs, including sacrificing quality.”

Fabricated with Evrnu’s proprietary fiber, the inaugural “Responsible Collection” hoodie is made-to-order using zero-waste knitting tech firm Variant3D’s technology to eliminate production waste. Each garment also comes with a QR code on the label to be scanned for recycling instructions. Upon its end of life, customers are to return the hoodie to Evrnu, where the company will “reform” it into a new garment.

The NuCycl x Bevans QR code.
The NuCycl x Bevans QR code.

“They’ll be able to send the garment back to us when they’re ready to dispose of it and we anticipate that’ll be years from now because the garment is [such] high quality,” Flynn told Sourcing Journal. “Essentially what we’ll do when it’s truly at the end of its life and can’t be reused or reworn, we’ll basically liquefy it and then we turn it back into a solid fiber and then do it all over again.”

The NuCycl x Bevans 360 hoodie is now available for purchase on Evrnu’s website, retailing for $600 and limited to approximately 200 pieces, as Evrnu wants to “show people what’s possible” with this drop, Flynn said. The goal is to eventually introduce new items to the Responsible Collection to illustrate further what can be achieved with NuCycl fibers and garments designed for disassembly.

“[The Responsible Collection] is something that will continue, ideally, for the life of the company because I really do think it’s important to show what’s emerging and what’s possible, and almost given the industry a source for newness around what’s possible,” Flynn said. “We’re hoping to get people really excited about what’s coming.”