Evil Bikes Crew Takes On TDS Enduro

TDS is a popular enduro race in Grass Valley California that is a favorite of many American pros because of its laid-back, fun-loving atmosphere

Watch the highlights of the Evil Bikes crew taking on the 2024 edition of TDS below.

TDS is an invite-only event. Though it is a race, there is also a healthy amount of shenanigans throughout the weekend. Many attendees bring their moto to rip around and the heckle zones on the side of the TDS course are legendary.

Evil's Syra Fillat was fifth in the pro women.

In the e-bike category, Austin "Bubba" Warren took the win for the brand as well. See the results from the two-day race below.

Women's Results

1. Julie Duvert - 00:33:33.9062. Amy Morrison - 00:34:05.827 (+31.921)3. Kathryn Lawrence - 00:35:48.039 (+134.133)4. Carolin Gehrig - 00:36:09.238 (+155.332)5. Syra Fillat - 00:36:15.787 (+161.881)6. Carina Claassen - 00:36:16.788 (+162.882)7. Anita Gehrig - 00:36:33.769 (+179.863)8. Sophie Allen - 00:37:21.066 (+227.16)9. Ainsley Haggart - 00:37:25.012 (+231.106)10. Becky Gardner - 00:37:33.983 (+240.077)

Men's Results:

1. Marco Osborne - 00:29:01.4342. Aiden Chapin - 00:29:18.215 (+16.781)3. Colton Peterson - 00:29:20.892 (+19.458)4. Jake Keller - 00:29:24.042 (+22.608)5. Bailey Christie - 00:29:40.871 (+39.437)6. Evan Geankoplis - 00:29:47.359 (+45.925)7. Anthony Pritchett - 00:30:27.993 (+86.559)8. Cameron Joye - 00:30:48.343 (+106.909)9. Dean Lindsey - 00:31:00.657 (+119.223)10. Tydeman Newman - 00:31:01.173 (+119.739)

Full results can be found here.

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