First-Look Footage of STAR WARS: SKELETON CREW Has Arrived

Lucasfilm revealed a new live-action Star Wars television series at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in spring 2022. The show from MCU Spider-Man trilogy director Jon Watts and writer Chris Ford sounds like a Goonies-style adventure set in a galaxy far, far away.

Although we haven’t seen much from Skeleton Crew yet, a tiny bit of first-look footage was hidden in Star Wars‘ Disney+ sizzle reel celebrating May the 4th, a.k.a Star Wars Day. Take a look below at around the :09 mark to see Jude Law in action.

Additionally, speaking to Empire, Law recently noted that his character is “complicated.” The publication notes that “his part in shepherding these younglings might not be so simple.” And Law adds, “They need guidance, but they’re vulnerable… And so throughout, the people they meet, you question all of them. Is my character nice? Is he not? You just want them to be alright and get back home. But if you know Jon and Chris’ work, you’ll know that the kids aren’t always safe.”

Jude Law first look at Star Wars Skeleton Crew

Here’s what we know about Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.


The title of the upcoming Star Wars live-action TV series is Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew‘s Plot

the title card and Jude Law headshot for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

We know a few details about the plot of Skeleton Crew. The story will take place in the New Republic era. That’s the same timeline as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. It centers on a group of children lost in space. Watts said at Celebration, “It’s the story of their journey trying to find their way home.” The creators further shared that this is a story of a group of kids with a big sense of wonder. They want to go on a great adventure, but it’s a dangerous galaxy out there. The series will seek to emulate Amblin movies. Though it stars four kids, Watts noted it is not a kids’ show. Ford notes, “All the stakes are as real as possible: the kids think they’re in Andor.” Sounds like a lot of galactic fun on the horizon.

A synopsis for the series shares:

“Skeleton Crew” follows the journey of four kids who make a mysterious discovery on their seemingly safe home planet, then get lost in a strange and dangerous galaxy. Finding their way home—and meeting unlikely allies and enemies—will be a greater adventure than they ever imagined. 

Behind the Scenes

Directors for Star Wars Skeleton Crew

Jon Watts directs Skeleton Crew and Chris Ford is writing on the series. The duo created the show. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau provide producing support. Skeleton Crew was production since at least September 2022, as the creatives shared an image from the set at D23 Expo during that time. The series is now done with production.

Directors include Watts, Ford, David Lowery, the Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), Jake Schreier, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Lee Isaac Chung.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew‘s Cast

Jude Law in Star Wars new Skeleton Crew

The first cast member Lucasfilm confirmed for Skeleton Crew was Jude Law. We don’t have any details about his character, but presumably, he’s the adult who helps the kids find their way home. If so, we can’t wait to see him play the father figure (even better if it’s a reluctant dad story a la The Mandalorian).

Joining Law on the journey are Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter, Robert Timothy Smith, and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Tunde Adebimpe, and Kerry Condon.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew‘s Release Date

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew debuts in 2023. Since The Mandalorian season three premiered in March, we’re guessing summer or later. The show will premiere on Disney+.