Attn: Travis and Kourtney’s Wedding Will Likely Appear on Season 2 of ‘The Kardashians’ 👀

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Photo credit: Robino Salvatore - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robino Salvatore - Getty Images

Dolls, assemble! After just a taste of Hulu’s new reality hit The Kardashians, we’re already foaming at the mouth for a season 2. And good news—it’s already in the works. Here's whaat to know about when The Kardashians comes back for another round.

Is Hulu’s The Kardashians getting a season 2?

In a now slightly-infamous Variety profile (yes, that one), the family revealed more about the logistics of their new show between bits of advice for women in business. We learned that Hulu does indeed have plans for a season 2 of The Kardashians, giving us 40 episodes total between the seasons.

Back before season 1 even premiered, internet sleuths hunted down its tentative schedule and theorized that new episodes would be released weekly and would end with a mid-season finale of sorts around Thursday, June 16...which we now know is totally true LOL. Because this season only had 10 episodes, this *could* mean the famous family is set to create another three seasons that also consist of 10 episodes each.

Photo credit: J. Lee - Getty Images
Photo credit: J. Lee - Getty Images

When can we expect a season 2?

While there is no release date for a season 2, it probably won’t be long. After all, the family’s reality TV hiatus lasted less than a year, and now that they’re back, they’re not exactly slowing down. Kim also recently took to her Instagram Stories to tease her look in season 2 during a confessional interview with producers while sporting her newly white-blonde hair. So it seems things are in full swing.

What will we see in season 2?

Expect more tongue, LOL. Amid the family’s recent press tour, Kris Jenner joked with Ellen DeGeneres that Kravis’s PDA makes up “98 percent of the new show.” Plus, when The Kardashians showrunner Danielle King spoke with Distractify about Travis and Kourtney's Vegas wedding, she confirmed that cameras were indeed there, to which I say: OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.

However, we can also expect more Pete Davidson, too. At the time of the family’s Variety profile, Kim had not yet filmed with her boyfriend. Post-season 1 though, we know the comedian makes his presence known via whispers, secret texts, off-camera dialogue, and coded confessionals. But since Pete has now met the leader of the household (aka North West), it is very likely we’ll be seeing more of him in season 2. Love to see it!

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