Everything to Know About 'Frozen 3'

Disney's Frozen characters Anna, Sven, Olaf and Elsa

If you're sick of Anna and Elsa, it's best you let it go, because more Frozen is on the way. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Frozen 3 is in the works, and several castmembers of Frozen and Frozen II announced their returns to the beloved Disney franchise.

Here's everything to know about Frozen III, including the Frozen 3 cast and when you may expect to finally be able to see it—but beware of potential spoilers for Frozen and Frozen II ahead if you aren't caught up!

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Will there be a Frozen 3 coming out?

Indeed! Frozen 3 is in the works. Jennifer Lee, who directed Frozen and Frozen II, told press (via Variety), "Our philosophy is this, and it won't change: If there is more story to tell, the filmmakers have to drive it. And I'll say with Frozen, Marc Smith, who was our director of story on Frozen II, came with an incredible idea for more Frozen, and it’s worth it."

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Who is Elsa's girlfriend in Frozen 3?

Elsa and Honeymaren in "Frozen II"<p>Disney</p>
Elsa and Honeymaren in "Frozen II"


There hasn't been any indication that Elsa will have a girlfriend in Frozen III. That said, some fans have theorized that Honeymaren, a member of the Northuldra tribe, will be Elsa's girlfriend in the next Frozen film.

Honeymaren was introduced in Frozen II as a resident of the Enchanted Forest. At the end of Frozen II, Elsa opts to stay in the Enchanted Forest while Anna goes on to become Queen of Arendelle.

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How old is Elsa in Frozen 3?

Elsa's age in Frozen III isn't yet known.

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Does Anna have powers in Frozen 3?

It's unknown if Anna will have powers in Frozen III. If she does, they likely won't be elemental powers, as those all belonged to other spirits in Frozen II, but some fans theorize that Anna's powers work as a support to Elsa's and help Elsa control her own ice magic. We'll see!

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Who is in the Frozen 3 cast?

The full cast of Frozen III has yet to be announced, but several stars confirmed their returns. Here's who we can expect to see back for the third installment.

Idina Menzel as Elsa

Idina Menzel<p>Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Disney</p>
Idina Menzel

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Disney

Idina Menzel confirmed in an interview with Billboard that she'll back for more magic as Elsa.

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Kristen Bell as Anna

Kristen Bell<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney</p>
Kristen Bell

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Kristen Bell hasn't confirmed her official return as Anna, but she previously told Jimmy Kimmel that she was eager to reprise the role.

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Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

Jonathan Groff<p>Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney</p>
Jonathan Groff

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Following the events of Frozen II (we won't spoil it for you!), it's likely we'll see Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff, in Frozen III.

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Josh Gad as Olaf

Josh Gad<p>Mike Marsland/WireImage</p>
Josh Gad

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Josh Gad tweeted in February 2023 that he'd be back as Olaf, the summer-obsessed snowman.

Rachel Matthews as Honeymaren

Rachel Matthews<p>VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images</p>
Rachel Matthews

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

If Frozen fan theories are true, Rachel Matthews will likely return to voice Honeymaren in Frozen III.

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When is the Frozen 3 release date?

No release date has yet been announced for Frozen III. The first two Frozen films were released six years apart, so depending on how long the SAG-AFTRA strike goes on, we may expect to see Frozen III in theaters in the fourth quarter of 2025.

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Is Frozen 3 streaming?

Frozen III hasn't even finished filming yet, so don't look for it on any streaming services for a long time! That said, when it is released for home viewing, you'll be able to stream it on Disney+.

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